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Never Let A Good Crisis Go To Waste. The $36 Trillion DTCC Fraud : It's Owned By The Banks.

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Part 2 :


"In this MUST LISTEN interview Rob Kirby of Kirby Analytics talks about the epic fraud of the DTCC - and their claim that $36.5 Trillion in securities have been compromised by flood waters from Hurricane Sandy. Rob asks, "WHY is this even a story at all ?" We also cover the breakdown of capitalism and rule of law, which thanks to 9/11, naked shorting and endless other epic crimes is now nearly complete. Oh, and only in an environment as corrupt as this could pedophiles be in positions of power for decades."

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It's in the news room

Watered Stock ...

... is the story.

Knee Deep Capture ...

... of opportunity to deluge papered-over systemic fraud.


Flood gates open on under Water Street Crime


You will get no clearer plunge notice -- it's going down the drain.

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Touching interview. Very.

Touching interview. Very.

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