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British MP Douglas Carswell attacks Ron Paul's views on democracy

'"Pure democracy is dangerous" warns Ron Paul. It means the "majority dictating to the minority", and leads to the inexorable growth of Big Government.

For once I disagree with the sage of Texas. I fear the great man is repeating the mistake many small state conservatives make when he sees democracy as a danger, rather than an ally against the overbearing state.'

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'Pure Democracy' works fine when times are good...

But when things start to go bad, ala Jamestown, then the majority will invariably start voting to 'cannibalize' those with the most. That is why a Republic that respects and defends the rights of the individual, even if he is rich and everyone else is starving, is better than straight democracy. (IMO)

I saw the best minds of my generation, destroyed by pandas starving hysterical naked

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Depends on how you define "Democracy."

Democracy meaning "majority rule," well no liberty lover could endorse that. But what about a different definition, Democracy as "a system which lacks rule by the minority." That is consistent with liberty.

I am not one to encourage the redefinition of definitions which have outlived their usefulness. We have all heard of Ayn Rand's attempt to reclaim the meaning of "Selfish." Milton Friedman's attempt to reclaim "liberalism." And of course, our own Ron Paul's attempt to define "Conservatism" to mean limited government libertarianism. These are all doomed as is my alternative definition of "Democracy."

Well, conservatives want to

Well, conservatives want to go back to how things were before. Before, we had something very close to libertarianism in the USA. So conservatives want to go back to (some aspects of) libertarianism.

As Reagan said, "the heart and soul of conservatism is libertarianism."

Democracy = Mob rule

We are a Republic, rule of law.

Agreed. Carswell is clearly

Agreed. Carswell is clearly wrong here. People are voting for tyranny and as an elected official, he should understand that.

Obviously in his country there are no open primaries and although I support his attempts to introduce them along with a few other democratic reforms, at times he goes too far with regards to democracy.