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Neocon Bill Kristol Admits Ron Paul Supporters Are the Future of The Republican Party

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The population is aging and

The population is aging and an aged majority won't accept what is perceived to be increased personal risk by embracing free market and liberty solutions for economic and health problems in the US. "Obamacare/Romneycare" will increase, taxes will increase, fears will increase, personal freedoms will decrease.

Americans will depend more than ever on the firm grip of government and will insist on being coddled through their twilight years at the expense of the younger generations. It isn't right or fair, but it's the truth.

Don't forget Rudy the Ghoul or Jeb Bush, either.

Your commment is great +!

If they trick enough pro-liberty voters (doubtful) into supporting any of their fake-liberty candidates and said fake-liberty candidate gets elected, it'll be immediate anti-liberty switch and business as usual.

Don't be fooled; [they] are going to go all out pretending to be pro-liberty. Either they support OUR already proven pro-liberty candidates, or [they] get no support from us whatsoever. That means ever.

You fakes clear on that?! Good.

Those talking heads...

...are waaay past their 15 min. of fame. Nice try, attempting to prop up their non-existent ratings by talking about RP supporter influence but I'm afraid their struggle to remain relevant is completely in vain.

Participate in America's future- Research Ron Paul- Truth will Prevail! You too, will be proud one day, to be able to say: "I was a Ron Paul supporter."

young republicans

I was at the Ron Paul rally in August at USF rally for Ron Paul.Myself and my wife being 58 years old drove from Tennessee to see Ron Paul for the first time in person.there were many young adults.But don't let the Zionist/Neocon fool you .Trying to explain why Romney lost.There were many at the rally older than us.I met a couple from Arizona in there eighths there.Heck my mom and dad in Florida voted for Paul in in March republican primary.To the Kystels,Rove,Hannity,Huckabees,Romney's,Levin's of the world.Until these people are throw out of the party.Nothing but lies will prevail in the republican party.Good honest republicans are not for undeclared wars.Not for being the worlds police force.They are fiscal responsible to themselves. Less government.They believe in freedoms and to the Republic for which it stands.America

Money talks and dogs bark

At our state convention I

At our state convention I took a photo of an 80 something year old man sleeping on a chair with a Ron Paul sign. It was a grat photo op!


Sounds like something my husband would do!

Don't kid yourselves, you young ones. Many seniors are with you and, like me, are very active in our good fight on many fronts. It doesn't help you or us when you bash seniors on this site. We could argue how the young people are the problem because they are so infused with socialism but, we know better than to dignify that by addressing it at every opportunity. With age, wisdom does come to most people.

Thanks for the uplifting comment, Unknownuser. You made my day!

“It is the food which you furnish to your mind that determines the whole character of your life.”
―Emmet Fox

Yes...didn't Obama win the

Yes...didn't Obama win the youth vote? ; )

Your Photo Op

gave me a mental image and put a smile on my face. Thanks!

Good morning Bear! It's

Good morning Bear!

It's bloody cold here in Minnesota and snowing! I'm all out of coffee so I'm going to be brave and drive down to get some.

Hope you are staying warm this morning!

It was 26 this morning and it

It was 26 this morning and it was supposed to snow today. We got lots of rain and weather change yesterday. I don't know if we are still in for snow later today or not. Drive safe!

It's BS

While I do not disagree that reforming the Republican (sic) party is a worthwhile cause, I am quite confident that the current 'leadership' would love to keep Liberty minded people occupied trying to find their way through a maze of Arbitrary Rules and obstacles.

Consent is the source of Just Power, Coercion is the source of Unjust Power. Mazes and obstacles are a form of coercion. I cannot fathom the Republican (sic) Establishment admitting that Ron Paul supporters are the future of the Party, without it being a form of Double Speak meant to confuse Coercion and Consent.

By remaining the Republican (sic) party, Ron Paul supporters must be able to make clear what they Consent to or it will be simply assumed by association.

Those compelled to reform a Centrally Planned Republican (sic) party play an important role in restoring Liberty. Expect foul play and massive resistance.

I have never liked that guy.

I have never liked that guy.

The human race divides politically into those who want people to be controlled and those who have no such desire. - Heinlein

Something we can all agree

Something we can all agree on.