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Press Admits Almost All Named In Huge Pedophile Ring In The UK Are Freemasons

Press Admits Almost All Named In Huge Pedophile Ring In The UK Are Freemasons


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Being part of the circle

Means you are adding energy to the cone of power, you are aiding in its energy used for a specific purpose. The person directing the ritual isnt the only one directing the energy, that would be inefficient. All participants are meditating on the purpose and having that many minds together gives the ritual its potency. But of course, those spells are for coven work. There are many solitary witches that work hard on their own power and the means to direct it, I would actually wager their are far more solitary witches and wiccans than those that belong to a coven.

Many wiccans are very adept at healing people with enegy and herbal works, I dont know where you got the idea that they refuse to help people. The "spell" involved needs to have a very specific wording and intention in order not to infringe on someones will (many times its not viewed as appropriate to heal someone if they dont know or dont wish to be healed)

These vibrations you speak of are indeed dangerous and harmful when placed at a certain frequency. But the vibrations reached with proper meditation training are the most beneficial. With time and practice, a person can reach theta levels and thise are the ones associated with a clear and peaceful mind.

If you would like to unserstand some more basic principles, I suggest you read The Kyballion by the three initiates. It is a very good read on hermeticism which is the foundation of Wicca and all esoteric paths.

Color me skeptical

Only of the goodness of it all. Even benign, even positive new age philosophy all references a new age, a metreiya, etc. etc.

Anyway, I think you're describing alchemy from the new age perspective, whereas I'm referring to the philosophy of it.

Double-Faced Masons.

earlier I had put a +1 and moved on, on this visit its clearer.
we can call masons as two-faced, or wolves in sheep's clothing.