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CNN - Did anyone else watch McCain get cut off?

I've been watching the results come in on CNN... Larry King mentions "McCain is the loser tonight in Michigan, lets watch him speak now". McCain then speaks to his supporters for about ten seconds before Larry King says "okay now lets go to Romney HQ to watch Mitt Romney give his victory speech". I thought it was pretty funny. Any one else see it? I wonder if Romney intentionally went on stage right when McCain did, so McCain would get snubbed.

I thought it was funny anyway...

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Did they cut McCain's speech because a little later in the speech he slipped and congratulated Romney for winning Mexi...Michigan?

"My friends", "My friends", blah blah blah

I couldn't bring myself to watch McCon's concession speach, but I wonder how many times that simpering chipmunk used the phrase "My friends..."? For wanting to wage war on just about the entire rest of the planet, he sure does have a lot of "friends"!

yeah my friends and I were

yeah my friends and I were all sitting around talking, but yeah that was funny... McCain or Romney had only like two people standing behind him... Kind of something you do not see much on stages at political rallies, though perhaps they lacked the room.

Must have been...

.... sharing space on the FAUX NEWS' "souped up bus" lololololol

Puppets come and puppets go but the world's stage is getting cluttered.

The Bus that Never existed??

Since there never was a so-called bus and fox was proved a liar over that too...