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Antarctic ice is growing

"Boffins from NASA and the British Antarctic Survey have teamed up to investigate one of the great mysteries of climate science: why it is that the extent of sea ice around the south pole has actually increased steadily over the years.

As the scientists note in their new paper, while the increase is not as big as the decreases seen in Arctic sea ice, current climate models - the ones which predict dangerous levels of global warming this century if carbon emissions aren't drastically reined in - say it shouldn't be happening. This causes people to suspect that the models might be wrong, or as Paul Holland of the BAS and Ron Kwok of NASA put it, the Antarctic ice spread has the effect of "limiting confidence in [the models'] predictions"."

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For those that believe in geology...

in college my thesis was comprised of the study of rocks from Kansas. These rocks were made up of about 95% skeletal components of single celled phytoplankton, which still thrive in today's oceans. The only place these organisms can live is in the ocean.

Therefore, we can easily conclude that what is now Kansas, in the middle of the North American continent, was under water when the sediment forming these rocks was deposited. In fact, there was open ocean from the Gulf of Mexico, through the middle of the continent, to the northern pacific to the west. The mountainous areas remained out of water, of course.

Again, if you believe in geology, these rocks are roughly 90 million years old. We can date the rocks both from knowing what geological era that these particular species of fossils lived in, and radiometrically from the ash beds that are frequently inter layered with the other sediments.

So... bottom line, climate change and sea level fluctuations have been happening throughout geological history. Is there climate change? Of course... it would be crazy to expect climate to remain steady throughout time. Is climate change caused by man? I can't say it is or isn't for sure, but I have my doubts. We know that there are scientists whose jobs depend on trying to prove that man is the culprit, so for sure there is bogus, biased science out there.

IMO... legislation due to climate change is absolutely nuts.

'Cause there's a monster on the loose

But the communists

Have claimed that we have settled science regarding this issue.

P.S. Is not the color of the communist church green?


So you mean to tell me that

So you mean to tell me that government agencies which have gotten much larger budgets to research and create "solutions" to the melting ice caps can't figure out why the ice caps are growing? I see absolutely no correlation there at all!

The ice caps are growing now?

The ice caps are growing now? Well, obviously all that money solved the problems then!!! ;)

The Government Can...

"Ehhh, What's ups Doc?" B.Bunny "Scwewy Wabbit!"E. Fudd
People's Awareness Coalition: Deprogramming Sequence

I know just crazy the man

I know just crazy the man with the largest business in the world dedicated to "reducing" global warming by selling pollution credits to large companies made predictions of melting icecaps at a rate of 5 feet per year and those turned out to be untrue. Can't figure it out at all!

You know there are people who think the moon landing was fake that means everything Al Gore says is a fact beyond speculation!


The reason is because there

The reason is because there has not been global warming, there has been Northern hemisphere warming and a slight Southern hemisphere cooling. When you combine the two into one average, yes there has been global warming, but doing so is not accurate in determining many things....

Why would the North warm at the same time the South cools? Because WATER VAPOR accounts for 95% of the greenhouse gas effect, while CO2 accounts for less than 3%. One of the major contributors to increasing water vapor in the atmosphere-perspiring vegetation. Take a look at a global map and see within which hemisphere the majority of the worlds vegetation lies. It in the north. Not only that, but in the north you find far more people growing vegetation simply because its pleasing to the eye. Its only been in the last couple of decades that people and businesses have widely begun to install lavish landscaping along with extravagant irrigation systems that water everyday, 7 days a week. That combined with "Smokey the Bear-dont' let a tree burn down" and "save the world-plant a tree", the northern hemisphere has had a vast expansion of vegetation in the last couple of decades.

This expansion of vegetation, combined with a warmer sun over the last decade, results in higher global temperatures, in the NORTH. But the Southern hemisphere with its lower atmospheric water vapor content has not seen the same rise in temperatures.

Their models don't predict this because the global warming alarmist conveniently leave water vapor out of their models, despite that fact that water vapor accounts for 95% of green house gases...

"Ehhh, What's ups Doc?" B.Bunny "Scwewy Wabbit!"E. Fudd
People's Awareness Coalition: Deprogramming Sequence

The area of arctic ice is down to a thirty year low

according the the first line of the article.
Interesting that Antarctica may not be losing ice.

The article also says the water temperature and
melting rates for the antarctic weren't verified
on the ground until recently.

That is not the case for Greenland, though, it's
been melting fast and is being scrutinized closely
There is some question about whether that level
of melting will continue.

There is concern in Greenland that the amount of
water flowing through, and especially under the
ice could destabilize it and cause some catastrophic
failure where big sections slide off into the sea...

All of the Greenland ice melting would raise sea levels
something like seven meters (23 feet).


The Liberty Community...

should be united against the PTB on this issue. But fighting over whether the world temperature rises or falls 1 degree or or 5 degrees over the next century doesn't really matter. A real free market and a just society wouldn't allow pollution on my private property, so it would be a lot cleaner than we have it today.

The question we should be asking governments and scientists is this: If there is global warming (could be global cooling, doesn't matter, the argument is whether or not humans affect the environment), then why does the government PROMOTE it through:
- oil subsidies,
- farm subsidies,
- all sorts of pro-corporate crony junk
that obviously has a much stronger negative effect on the environment than any number of priuses or LEDs ever could have a positive effect?

The problem is government. Free the market and we'll naturally gravitate towards alternative energy because it will be cheaper in the long run.

"Limiting Confidence"

Newspeak is great


Arctic Ice

Is the arctic ice growing too? I honestly can't tell... so much dis-info out there. Also, you just know this will be twisted in an attempt to prove the 'global warming' nonsense.