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WTF?!?! McCain Wins Anti-War Vote!

Look at this. McCain took more than 70% of the anti-war vote! What person is anti-war and votes for 100 year surge McCain?!?!

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It doesn't say "anti-war"

It says "disapprove of the war". That could mean that you disapprove of the way the war has been going and would like to escalate the war in order for us to "win". So you could conceivably "disapprove" of the war while wanting MORE war at the same time. If that were the case, then McCain's your man.

You may be right. I'd like to see the actual wording of the

exit poll question that was asked. The outcome of polls can certainly be skewed depending upon exactly how a question is asked. Thanks for pointing that out.

Change ?

McCain is also shown as the candidate most likely to bring needed change... A frikkin' joke !!
He's Riding Bush's Tail.

Ron Paul is antiwar? Tell his campaign staff!

The ads being run by the campaign and the campaign's home page and the signs and posters they sell say nothing about Ron Paul's position on the war in Iraq and military intervention overseas. His campaign was built on all the buzz related to the war and foreign policy that came from the debates, but the staff has squandered money and opportunity by ignoring these issues.

Get back on message or give back the contributions. This isn't Dr. Paul's fault: he has his hands full with his appearances, and cannot manage the campaign himself. It is the fault of a campaign that thought focusing on national sovereignty (especially immigration) would draw more votes than focusing on liberty. They were wrong.

There is still much time before February 5, and much money left to spend (or waste). Paul should, at a minimum, be getting the majority of the antiwar vote, but people who don't watch the coverage of the debates don't know his position. Shame on his staff.

The posts below spell it out

just right. People all over the USA have not wanted this war from day one. But, the only positive development, in their eyes, is the "surge". McCain has backed the surge, arm-in-arm with Bush, since day one.

What is overlooked is that the surge wouldn't even be necessary if we hadn't been in this war in the first place! And which candidate worked overtime to get us into this war?? John McCain. Why doesn't Dr. Paul point this out? McCain bragged during the last debate that he was "involved in every major military decision of the last 20 years". Well that means he OWNS the worst politcal and military debacle of the last 20 years. This is just as much his war as it is Bush/Cheney.


Yeah thats not the only

Yeah thats not the only preculiar thing either. You can scroll down and cross referance other statistics like age group and such and I'm not buyin' it.

"But, indeed, no private person has a right to complain, by suit in court, on the ground of a breach of the Constitution. The Constitution it is true, is a compact, but he is not a party to it."

All Politics is Local Politics.....

If it doesn't strike a person directly, they can ignore it. That is why Dr. Paul's message needs to be deliverred in a different manner. It must be fashioned so as to strike a chord in peoples hearts and minds. Fear and Hope are the emotions of an election. It ain't rocket science - you make 'em afraid of the other guy and hope for you.

Liberty is not free, It must be earned!

Liberty is not free, It must be earned!

When I saw this demographic on the CNN

exit poll breakdown, I found it difficult, but not impossible, to believe. I will admit that for a war-mongering zealot like McCain to have captured such a large percentage of votes, from people who were against the Iraq war, is very disappointing. However, it's just another example of RP's message being shut out by the MSM. Here's an article just posted on Yahoo. You read it and tell me with a straight face that this is not calculated exclusion.


It's a skillful job of getting a misinformed public to actually believe that someone like Juan McAmnesty would actually be interested in ending the Iraq war, after he's already stated that he would have no problem being there for 100 years.

well well i told u so

When I say that the HQ has moles in it, I was merely stating the obvious. look at ruby ridge incident, waco and others, there are agents awarming everywhere.

When I say that unless RP do something about the obvious voting fraud in New Hampshire, the campaign that we are working on WITHIN THE SYSTEM will result in us losing momentum and losing the race to become Republican Presidential candidate.

I was worried that the end will result in the campaign going undersground which ultimately will radicalised everything.

Sad to say, a few RP supporters are too naive here. Some accused me of being a PLANT to split the RP supporters here. That hurt me a little i guess, I am not very emotional but that does hurt. I've been aware of the NWO for many years now, and that really is low for anyone to accuse me of being so.

Some accused me of having comedic views and laugh at me. Well, I guess RP was laughed at and ridiculed for 30 years, so well, I accept it.

So who is laughing now? We have lost. Now some will accuse me of being a whiner. But the fact of the matter is I am RIGHT IN EVERY COMMENT I POSTED. LAUGH IT UP, FUNNY MEN.

All I am speaking is the truth. Now I am saying that America has ended. Laugh again, go ahead I don't mind. It is over for us. We will implode and die. Our economy and US dollar will crash.

I guess God won't send America a messiah after all. I guess our sins are too much, we kill babies in Vietnam and now Iraq, Afghanistan for goodness sake. And with the majority of American people blessings too.

GO AHEAD AND LAUGH AND RIDICULE ME, You guys knows little and most have just cured your apathy. 9/11 is the new reichstag fire. Better believe it. America is dead. The bankers will move to the new United States of EU. Goodbye Folks, Enjoy while you can.


Do we need to shed the love in the revolution? We have been screwed big time in New Hampshire.

QUOTE from Politico article:

QUOTE from Politico article: "Paul campaign spokesman Mark Elam indicated that Paul was planning on spending money from his presidential campaign on his House reelection bid. He went up on the airwaves Tuesday with his first advertisement, a radio spot touting his biography and legislative accomplishments."

Is Elam committed to this race like you?

"The main thing that I learned about conspiracy theory is that conspiracy theorists actually believe in a conspiracy because that is more comforting. The truth of the world is that it is chaotic..." —Alan Moore

Most people take things at

Most people take things at face value and don't bother to look any further.

Anyway, let's not say "Americans" any longer, let's say "people," simply because the world's people are clueless.

Take for example Brits and Europeans: They all think Americans are stupid but don't bother to judge themselves. Look what's happening in the EU at the moment. Many laws and regulations are being created behind closed doors and no one is doing anything about it. Not only that, they are about to make Tony Blair the EU President. I'm not sure what is worse, a Bush-Clinton grip on America or a Tony Blair grip on Europe....

its not "anti-war"

What I saw was "disapprove of u.s. war in iraq." So that gets all the idiots who think McCain came up with the brilliant "surge" plan and that it's working just like he said it would. You see, John McCain is a military genius, similar in many ways to Napolean Bonaparte. Actually, a fight between those two little guys might be pretty amusing.

I'm gonna say it

I've come to see that the average American is dumb as hell. They don't know anything other than what's going on with entertainment news. They don't care about anything unless it DIRECTLY impacts them. They don't care if their rights fundamentally are violated, as long as they aren't directly violated. So long as it's their neighbor who has their rights violated unconstitutionally, so long as it's not their son or daughter sent to fight a war for corporate purposes... they simply don't care.

Think they care about a sound dollar? No. Because commercials tell them that "life takes visa". (heard that one on tv tonight, made me laugh). All they care about is politicians who are going to give them something. Something, anything, other than freedom.

Americans are perfectly happy with what they have right now. No matter what the polls say regarding how upset they are with our government, they still won't make a change. They like believing what we have right now is freedom.

Bad thing is, is these people who are unwilling to open their damn eyes, are bringing everyone else down with them.

I hate to say it, but you

I hate to say it, but you might be right. The average American doesn't take the time to sufficiently research each candidate. Seems most people who take the time to do the research on the candidates end up becoming an RP supporter. Those who don't usually end up supporting someone else or just support whomever their friends/family are supporting.

Go Ahead And Say It Then

RSK Alex Jones says it all the time and he's been at it for more than 15 years. That's why it's called "The Dumbing Down of America". They don't look beyond the evening news nor read beyond their daily newspaper. Without some exposure through the MSM, I haven't a clue how one truly can get elected President in America today. As popular as the internet is today ( and Ron Paul pretty much rules the internet amongst all the candidates ), Dr. Paul cannot seem to garner more than 6-10% of the vote. Either the lack of MSM exposure is truly hurting us or the fix is in or perhaps it's both of those. At this point, God only knows.

You're probably right...

...here's Karen's take on her experience voting today. Kind of validates your post.

Dan Carlin's podcast this week

suggested that americans vote for the candidate that promises them cake, hoping the candidate was really lying to them and will change and give them the vegetables they really need when they get into office. Kind of made sense. Mass hysteria.

now THIS makes me worry ...

about the future of America.

That person, my friend

is the American Voter!!

I'm beginning to think that if Dr Paul campaigned using a rubber chicken as a stage prop, he'd get more votes than he's getting now.

What do you mean "if"? He's

What do you mean "if"? He's already had multiple rubber chickens on the debate stages, in the persons of McCon, Romney, Huckabee et al. --- at least, those neocon figureheads had about as much backbone as a rubber chicken, maybe less. And their hysterical pro-war cackling certainly sounded like crazed roosters to me.

(BTW, has anyone else noticed how the featherless spot on the top of Huckleberry's head keeps growing bigger with every passing debate? Must be the diversion of blood to all 12 neurons that are still firing in his brain.)

I know...

A Diebold machine!

Remember: Debt is a form of slavery.


I know a diebold machine too.
It's not very good at telling jokes.

Its favorite one lately is "McCain"


I'll be here all night folks.

Ron Paul 'The Truth' I also

Ron Paul 'The Truth'

I also heard that. This just doesn't make sense. Dr. Paul stands pat at little support(supposedly), while the rest of the field keeps flip-flopping places. McCain is garbage and I'd say 70% hate him!

Ron Paul 2012

McCain does not do very well with the convention GOP voter. He

does get support from independents and liberals though. There are fewer of them in South Carolina, so he may get his head handed to him again, as in 2000. I consider McCain to be one of the most dangerous candidates in either party.