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Does Anybody Subscribe to Reason Magazine?

Does anybody subscribe to Reason magazine? If so, any feedback? I'm looking to give a subscription as a gift but want to make sure it is a decent magazine. I visit the website regularly and enjoy the articles.

Thanks in advance!

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I used to subscribe to Reason

I used to subscribe to Reason when I was a Libertarian. I thought they had good articles but I wasn't a die hard fan. I started moving away from the idea of the Libertarian party being the answer to my complaints about government and society because I began to perceive the organization as an ineffective debate club of ivory-tower purists. I don't want to debate about Utopia but I want to be a part of realistic change. Enter Ron Paul's bid in 07 I got so excited and addicted! I thought Reason would be right there front and center covering this historic groundswell of libertarian support -WRONG! I couldn't believe their negative and holier than thou attitude. They along with CATO were actually working against the RP movement. That is when I knew what losers they are. They are all a bunch of ivory tower purists. Their die-hard readers are the part of the libertarians that support Gary Johnson over RP. Reason made sure to be on the front line of re-hashing the newletter B.S., which, as libertarians should have been read in context without resorting to all this new-age PC police crap. They have done a total of 0 for our r3volution - they added nothing and did not further the cause 1 iota. Our people did it all in spite of those ivory tower philosophers. I will never buy that magazine again and I try not to click over to any of their articles anymore. Even Dougherty's articles on RP I found to be only okay-very disappointing.

Strange, because I picked up

Strange, because I picked up the November issue at B&N to see if I would like it. Seems like they spent more time talking about GOP candidates than Libertarian Party candidates (if any).

Reason is fantastic

I have read all the other comments and I do not know what magazine they are talking about. It is certainly not reason! I have been a subscriber for over 20 years. I give is as a gift all the time. My dentist has it in his waiting room!

The slant they describe in the various comments may apply to an article or two from years to years. But, reason is not one author but a series of rotating authors. Every one of them makes you think. Often you will need the dictionary to see what some of the words mean. That's a good thing.

It is the best magazine of all the choices that you have out there. You WILL learn and you WILL be forced to think or even re-think some of your opinions.


Reason who?

Here is a paid Monsanto lobbyist stooge from Reason magazine on, pushing for GMO foods. Disgusting.

This is the stooge named Ronald Bailey I'm talking about specifically:

These are the garbage books Reason magazine pushes. They are propaganda tools of Koch Brothers, big pharma & Monsanto.

These are the people who would brainwash you into believing Paul Ryan stands for the principles of liberty by being an Ayn Rand fan.

Immoral funding of Military Industrial Complex by Federal Reserve and US taxation system must stop!!!! End illegal/unconstitutional wars! Preserve US currency!

I get it and I also get the Freeman and donate to

I prefer the Freeman that you can get from as it is economically driven - a sister to Mises co-founded by Henry Hazlitt.

Reason has far less economic analysis and does support Ron Paul. The editor of reason wrote a good book about Ron Paul this summer.

Reason attracts a younger crowd by attacking social conservatives.

It's a organization to have out there if that is what it takes to migrate people offer but I prefer a subscription to the Freeman

Tom woods also vouches for a $10 a year subscription to a magazine he writes for- the American conservative.

And if you are a real sport you can sign your friend up for his liberty classroom for $99 a year.

I think there is a coupon on his site under a jethro Tull blog post where you can get twenty dollars off

Please subscribe to

It Wouldn't Be My Choice

...I follow it somewhat on my Droid as many of the Political articles on Flipboard are from Reason. During the election there were a lot of rather slanted, IMO, articles that came from Reason. I've heard it used to be better, but I don't know.

Anybody know who owns "Flipboard"...because most Droid users get it as a news is free and kindof' fun to "flip" through. Neat format.


There are a lot of Reason

There are a lot of Reason haters on here, lol. I don't agree with everything but I find it a good read. They are not, however, part of the Republican party as some have noted. When asked who most of the writers would vote for an overwhelming majority said Gary Johnson. They even had an article saying that it's pointless to vote.

I think that most (not all) of the people that hate Reason haven't even read it before. Come on, Daily Paul links to Huff Post, CNN, etc... so people will read the lame mega media but then when there's a magazine that at least leans their way they judge it. People on here go to Drudge all of the time but "Reason is establishment!"

I'd rather peruse daily kos

I'd rather peruse daily kos or Huffington Post than Reason.

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AATHW, don't you mean the GOP

Establishment Wing of the Libertarian Party?


1976-1982 USMC, Having my hands in the soil keeps me from soiling my hands on useless politicians.

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Supporter. Wouldn't touch G or Welch with a 100 foot pole.


1976-1982 USMC, Having my hands in the soil keeps me from soiling my hands on useless politicians.

I had a subscription

but I cancelled it, I had the Kindle version and it was a pain to navigate around in. I thought I would like it because I enjoy the website but I realized I enjoyed the comments more than the actual articles.

depends on what kind of libertarian you are

Reason is more Gary Johnson than Ron Paul. Also, they are not big into Austrian economics and are funded by the Koch brothers.

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