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$$$$ MONEY is the KEY to VICTORY $$$$

That and votes... and delegates..... so we have our work cut out for us.
I want to emphasize something I've repeated over and over time and time again here.


John King said it again tonight (the bastard wouldn't even mention Ron's name and how much money he has on hand). The other campaigns, besides Mitt's, is running out of money.

Thompson is out after South Carolina. Rudy is probably gone after Florida or Super Tuesday.

The others can straggle a little longer. If RP has any chance to get this message out there and fight against the MSM not ALLOWING that message to be attributed to him, the only way will be for US to fund him into the second stage. The MLK moneybomb will be the most important money you've ever spent in your entire life. This could be the difference between playing ball or sitting on the sideline.


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I 100% agree

He needs money, a lot more than anybody else, cause he's gonna have to buy his airtime. It's Ron Paul for me or nothing! He's going up against the Establishment. I do think, like has been posted by others before, that they should run infomercials. It should be a la Kevin Trudeau(love him or hate him) they an are extremely successful format, and should be aired as often as possible maybe for 30 or 45mins, maybe they could use the same TV network since it's mostly about selling natural cures and remedies, which Dr. Paul is all for. I still meet people that haven't heard about Ron Paul, but I believe once they hear his message and his name over and over again, it will sink in. How many times do we here on the MSM Romney, McCain, Huckabee(since CFR backing) Giuliani and Thompson?
Anyway, even if the good Doctor doesn't win the Rep. nomination, having lots of cash onhand will come in handy for an independant run, if he ever decides to pursuit it.

Nevada Will Be Our First Win, Right in Time

The miracle we need to rally the troops will come this Saturday in Nevada. This will give us the win that we are all looking for. It has 34 delegates vs. 24 for SC.

This will light the fuse for a big money bomb on Monday. If we can raise $10 million on Monday that will allow us to compete in all of the super Tuesday races.

If we can get some decent ads, it could really shock a lot of people.

Tim Maitski
Atlanta real estate agent
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Already figure in the budget!


Blessings )o(

very true but a tough battle

this is absolutely true, MLK Money bomb is essential! I'm a bit afraid it will also be the toughest so far. I've heard too many people down and starting to believe the Old Media lines about, 'it can't happen' consequently they are saying "I'm not sending anymore money until He wins a State!!! WTF???!!! The Early States are small potatoes---very few delegates. This is not a sprint---Remember the YouTube video--Ron Paul for the Long Haul??? This IS a Long Haul and it takes cash---a lot of it!

People that are seriously annoyed with the campaign should still sign up and contribute at least the minimum $10 so they are part of the donor number count.

Once people see that

Thompson can not win in South Carolina, then he will drop out. Then there will be 5. If Ron Paul could have about 25 million to run ads in Super Tuesday he could really pick up some momentum.

My family will be donating tonight!

Let the field get smaller than his resources will look more impressive for the big dance.

YES...it definitely time to fill the coffers

(New videos added daily..have a look)

Grace be to you, and peace, from God our Father, and from the Lord Jesus Christ.

In The LORD Jesus Christ;

"where the Spirit of the LORD is, there is liberty." 2 Cor. 3:17


Bring it on!

The one thing these neocon bastards understand is MONEY.........let's make sure Ron Paul has overwhelmingly enough to go the distance. Pitch in what you can, and as often as you can..........we're putting up a lot of signs down here in Arkansas.

alan laney

Out in SoCal here

What part of Arkie land? I'm originally from the Greer's Ferry Lake area... ;)

Puppets come and puppets go but the world's stage is getting cluttered.