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Thank a vet, but not for war...

Another year brings another Holiday that makes me slightly uncomfortable, the honored Veteran’s day. This celebration makes me uncomfortable because it requires unquestioning admiration for causes that I don’t fully endorse. Phrases like “Keeping us safe from” and “preserving democracy for” assume that the cause of the vets was some noble defense of personal freedom.

This veteran’s day provided yet another example of the kind of things that make me question this socially unquestionable in the form of a special about Vietnam on the History channel. This special was part of a series running all morning to commemorate the day. I watched a bit of it before it was time to start my own family’s veterans day celebration and was bothered by the same things that always bothered me about this war, the simple question, “but why?”

All dads I know experienced this war. Even if they weren’t conscripted to fight in it, they were always thinking they might soon be. The Federal government gave itself the right to force you into a war for reasons you couldn’t quite grasp. Years later, we still really don’t.

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OK, Impress Me Folks, Tell Me One War Which Was ...

... started in the modern age for a Noble cause.

Article - "Sowing The Seeds For A Peace Revolution":
- http://www.dailypaul.com/241312/sowing-the-seeds-for-a-peace...

- AMAZING PHOTO delineating where UNRESTRAINED CAPITALISM has taken us: http://www.rense.com/general96/whatare.html
- "The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated."-- Mohandas Gandhi

I cringe everytime I watch an NFL football game.

Sooner or later the announcers always say "The NFL wants to thank the men and women in Afghanistan all over the world who are working so hard to keep us safe."

Yeah - needlessly making enemies by the hundreds of thousands that we will always need to fear in the future.

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Wholesale terrible, IMO

This holiday just further reinforces the idea with young people that it is OK to go kill people and be shot at for a crappy paycheck in support of our meaningless, for-profit wars.

Regardless of the sympathy we have for those that enlisted, the whole pile is a huge piece of propaganda aimed at further making our children believe that this is a noble pursuit, when it is really psychopathic and evil.

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Maybe the reason the government starts so many wars is because they love Veterans and therefore want to create more of them?

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Well said

The best way we can thank our veterans, is by bringing our active military home and out of harms way.


The military is supposed to be for "defending" our country. However, we seem to have adopted the "offense is the best defense" mantra.

And this is why

The founding fathers warned against "standing armies".

If we had local militias and private companies provide defense via insurance companies, there would be no standing army to send abroad in wars of aggression.

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My Dad was in Vietnam

And to this day can't tell me why he was there. He's a proud man who wanted to serve his country and help others.

Sadly he was doing nothing of the sort.

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He also once told me I was "throwing away my money" by donating to Ron Paul and that his analogy of Vietnam to Iraq and Afghanistan was silly.

Of course, he is now a diehard Ron Paul supporter ;)

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