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Hey RP write-in people where are you now?

To those who so publicly bashed us Johnson voters and said that anything but in RP write-in was betrayal, where are you now? I'd think you would take a great interest in getting write-ins counted but you seem to have disappeared. Johnson voters are credited with 1.2M votes and so far RP write ins are tallied at a BIG, FAT ZERO.

And the window has slid shut. Elections are yesterday's news. Nobody cares now, Obama won, we scored a point with Johnson and the write-ins, well...

Well what? Did The Great Write In Campaign of 2012 end with scrawling a name at the top of a hand written ballot that might be seen by the one person in this world who may or may not have counted or even seen it?

Kinda figured you guys would make some noise. I'd like to see those figures for our own edification. Here in AZ there are X-thousands of uncounted ballots and as the deadline for reporting approaches the counters are counting slower...and slower...and soon they will all be shredded. And we'll never know.

Once again, when you play by the rules against the people that make the rules they just change the rules.

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I'm right here.

I wrote in Ron Paul, and I don't regret a single stroke of the pen.

Does that piss you off, troll? And voting for Johnson didn't do anything either. He lost, if you didn't know, and the hypocritical LP still doesn't get any taxpayer funds.

Stop trying to divide the Liberty movement.

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Southern Agrarian

I wrote Dr Paul in and have

I wrote Dr Paul in and have never felt better!! So quit your whining bayatch!

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I wrote in Ron Paul because I

I wrote in Ron Paul because I believed in it. Gary Johnson was not even on my ballot. None of us are better or worse than the other one we just chose to vote different ways. Let's remember that in the future, we are all equal libertarians who made personal choices when we showed up at the polls last tuesday.

A group of pandas is called an embarrassment. Sometimes Chris Cudnoski is called an embarrassment. Coincidence?....hmmm....

This post gave me an

This post gave me an excellent oppurtunity to test my downvote button.

Here I am.

I am not a sell-out. Corruption will never sway my principles.

I wrote-in Ron E. Paul.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

Very divisive post.

As a sore loser, you should take your anger out on Obama and possibly the Repub party. Not us. Some friend of the Liberty Movement you are...

Your frustrations are

Your frustrations are misguided. It is first and foremost, none of your business who anyone votes for except for you. Secondly, there are people in the community, yourself included, who put a lot of time and thought into deciding who they should vote for. There is no perfect candidate, and individuals on this site chose accordingly to who best suited their conscience. And finally, whether you voted for Johnson or wrote in Ron Paul, you had to know neither would win. I for one voted for Ron Paul because Johnson said we should fight "humanitarian wars" and because I have never run across a political candidate who has so firmly grasped the concepts of a free society and consistently acted on them as Ron Paul did. Those are my reasons and they have nothing to do with you. It would be much more beneficial to not turn on each other, and gear up to get a Paul the Republican nomination in 2016.

I agree with all you said

I felt GREAT about writing in Ron Paul.


Personally, I didn't care if

Personally, I didn't care if they counted my vote or not. What mattered to me was casting that vote for the man I felt best for the job and not compromising my principles. I was under no illusion that my vote would be reported, or that my write in vote would mean a win for Ron Paul. I voted my conscience with no ulterior motive. That was enough for me.

Blessings )o(

There is never a wrong time

There is never a wrong time to do the right thing.

My go-to response when people told me I was wasting my vote.