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Great Night... We need 1 state

One state will blow the cap off of this campaign. We are heading to SC on Friday and are going to try to shake things up there. I think SC and Nevada are good shots, before super Tuesday. We need one state, the closer to ST the better.

RP, the "fringe" candidate had almost as many votes the Giulliani and Thompson combined!

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FEC Reports Due just before Feb. 5

We need to blow away Huckabee in fundraising-- he's ahead this quarter, but that should be no problem after Michigan. Ron Paul went from 5th to 4th, and continues to succeed, beating Giuliani and Thompson individually and now both at once, whereas Huckabee has dropped.


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And RP has the MONEYYYYY!

Reporters discussed this on CNN

McCain is out of money
Guilani is asking staff to work for free
Huckabee is out of money
Thompson is running on fumes

Only Romney and Ron Paul can sustain momentum for much longer. Romney can continue by spending his personal fortune. Ron Paul can continue due to that huge support base that keeps giving him money bombs (thats you!).

Crazy like a fox! Ron Paul has a good chance in the long haul when you look at the money issue.

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