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Republican Commentators are Catching on- Embrace Ron Paul & The Liberty Movement

Got this one from a very standard conservative magazine- Town Hall
The title is "How Republicans Can Find Themselves"

#1. Keep an open mind. Here the writer takes Glen Beck and Rush Limbaugh to task for dedicating some of their radio shows to trash Ron Paul. She should have thrown in Mark Levin too, who spent a few hours spewing hateful invective towards the good doctor.

It is paradoxical that these three supposed believers in the constitution and limited government and taxes would go out of their way to impugn Mr. Paul when many of their anti liberal anti big government rants come straight from Ron Paul or his reading list.

For example Glen beck touted the book Road to Serfdom by Hayek and even did a special anti Federal Reserve show with Edward Griffin.

Levin often cites John Locke, Tocqueville , Thomas Jefferson and warns against "utopian" central planners, the printing of money and of losing our liberty.

Rush, Levin and Beck just can't fathom that Ron pauls foreign policy is not like their aggressive neo con militarist expensive foreign policy.

Rather than point out where they agree and where they disagree, as Jim Demint does, the three stooges go apoplectic whenever they hear the name Ron Paul.

This should stop if they wish to gain a wider audience. To be "fair and balanced" Sean Hannity is more charitable to Ron- Sean throws his neocon defense of Israel, warns on Iran but admits he agrees with Dr. Paul on the budget and smaller government.

#2 Embrace allies
The writer notes that Ron paul was unceremoniously dissed at the convention in violation of the rules. This won the republican party an enormous amount of unnecessary ill will with that Paulites.

#3.Stick to Principles

Again the writer notes that only Ron Paul gave principled non pandering responses during the debates.The public needed to see a contrast between Obama and the republican candidates and they really didn't see it.

The great thing about the article is all three of her points relate back to Ron Paul.

Unlike Ann Coulter who first supported Chris crispy creme Christie and then romney, this writer gives a fresh look at the obvious:

Ron Paul and the liberty Movememt hold the keys to the success of the future Republican party.


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They only want us for our Money and Consent

Government's Just power comes from the Consent of the Governed. I actually gave them my money along with my Consent. In order to fight off some great injustice or Right infringement, my own Consent and Money was used to erode other aspects of my Rights. That is quite ridiculous and I refuse to be a part of that any longer.

I cannot support an organization that helped bring about NDAA, the Patriot Act, and worst of all the Federal Reserve. There are too many to name.

Everyone leans Libertarian in some regard. Whether it be a Social or a Fiscal issue. We are the Common Ground. I will no longer lend support for uncommon goals via my assumed Consent.

I am a Libertarian. I do not dismiss Libertarian Leaning Democrats nor Republicans, I simply wish to solve our Common Problems and let you all hash out your uncommon issues yourselves, without penalty to myself or community.

I understand that this is an option.

I'll be the first to state -don't trust the neo con Republican

It was Ron Paul who dragged me into it!
The observation is we knew we'd hear the standard republican non sense about reaching out to Hispanics and Marco Rubio and jeb bush b.s. B.s.

My only point was this artiicle and at least two others on the dp today- about messes Cristol and Will show that there is some element of a brain in the republican party.

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You are out of your mind

if you think that the zionist blood thirsty israel first neocons are going to engage liberty or libertarian philosophy. The only thing that will change is the rhetoric. The bombs for Jesus crowd will now try and fool em again. Don't be fooled!

Nothing new here, Glenn Beck did the same right after 2008.

Now is when they will gain your trust.

In the final weeks and months leading up to the actual election is when they will lose your trust. It is a pattern of deception.

The goal is to gain your trust now in order to throw you under the bus right before the primary.

Trust these paid pundits at your own peril.


Exactly. Don't be fooled -

Exactly. Don't be fooled - these clowns are incapable of truth seeking or they would have already seen the light. They're GOP shills trying desperately to lure in those young Ron Paul supporters who might still be a bit wobbly on libertarian philosophy.

I must be willing to give up what I am in order to become what I will be. Albert Einstein

As stated above I was never and am not fooled

The neo con streak runs too deep its where their donor money comes from
I've already unregistered as republican

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A thoughtful article; unlike the pablum served up by Will

I have to admit I winced a bit when she categorized Ron Paul with Cain; but her point was that Cain, love him or hate him, wasn't just another moderate (he was another pure, bone-chilling Neocon, imo, basically Cheney's blood brother, but at least he flip flopping on that).

So...I don't know if the author is actually sympathetic to Paul (which may just mean she is doing a good job of real journalism, perhaps). But I have to give her credit for solid observations.

Bill of Rights /Amendment X: "The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people."

Do you need a politician or judge to "interpret" those 28

That is What I liked about the article

It wasn't three reasons to embrace Ron Paul but three points to consider and they all pointed Ron paul

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Rand needs to echo these views

And steer the party away from pandering to Hispanics on immigration and off them and everybody else-liberty
That will win elections if people hear it and understand it.
You can out entitlement the democrats-they are pros at it

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Dont count on it

When you hear things like Marco Rubio, Bobby Jendal etc are getting together to discuss the future of the republican party thats not a sign of change, its a sign of the same old chit with new younger fresh NeoCon faces!
IF i hear the name Marco Rubio one more freaking time i'm gonna bust! Is this guy the pill they intend to offer up as the "change" we need? Seriously? Rush and the talk radio Hacks are already incerting ElMarco's name every chance they get in to every topic they can...simply mind numbing and disapointing.
I hate to say it but i'm having serious doubts about the republican party and things ever changing with these old wore out Neocon Baby Boomer Hacks that have destroyed this country!
Flush Limbaugh on the radio right now Marco Rubio, Marco Rubio, Marco Rubio...that pill popping fat bastard will NEVER get it!........

"If ever time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in Government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin."
Samuel Adams

Of all the neo con talk show hosts mark Levin

Could be an ally as he other than his militaristic defend Israel at all costs point of view, really does seem to be versed in us consituational history

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The 'not so great' Levin

I used to listen to him . Problem is, it doesn't matter how versed in constitutional history he is if he will not defend it and support constitutional candidates. Being as well versed as he is just makes him a better Hack than most. He sounded real good until this election process started and he commenced into saying despicable things about the only constitutional candidate in the lineup Ron Paul then goes on to tell his listeners to chose the strongest constitutional conservative running ( whatever the hell that meant as nobody but Paul was a conservative and certainly no constitutional conservative).I thought, what is this? A Joke ?..I don't like any of them anymore. Ive listened to all of them long enough and have seen them flip the script enough times to know better. If they are talk radio or MSM they are paid Hacks and will do or say whatever lines their pockets. Levin is despicable! The way he went on about RP was disgusting. I only listen now to keep up with what the Idiots are trying to pull off on people, other than that they are useless to me...

"If ever time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in Government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin."
Samuel Adams

Levin did support Ted Cruz and mike lee

Levin sometimes says the right things but his threat to ruin rand paul's career if Ron Paul ran as a third party was asinine and about as impracticable as him dropping military spending and unwavering foreign aid for israel

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Levin also supported statist Ricky Santorum

So that counts against him too

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The real problem with levin

Is if a newcomer listens to him and starts to grasp the concepts of constitutional government and starts agreeing with them and then hears levin rant against ron Paul we have lost a potential convert

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We need the "call for Paul"

Mark ruby is not it

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Talking the taking ain't walking the walk.

Time will tell.

Free includes debt-free!

True and it's good to see their own in fighting

Rather then the Paulites only fighting the republican establishment

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The Clown Pundits

I've gone pretty easy on people who tell me they're Glenn Beck fans or O'Reilly fans or Levin or Hannity or Limbaugh. No more. From now on, anyone who tells me they like any of these frauds is getting an earful. They're nothing but establishment lapdogs who lie and deceive and do all they can do destroy true conservatism and republicanism. Only suckers take them seriously and I'm going to start telling them so without reserve.

Actually some neo cons can be Intellectually challenged out

Of their war mongering
Many libertarians come by libertarianism via the GOP

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They are but

Sometimes they talk a good game esp levin

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When they're trying to sucker people. Obviously, they're insincere. Otherwise, they'd have supported RP. Only liberty haters would trash someone like Ron Paul, and they all trashed him. They are the liberty movement's worst enemies.

Yes it's stunning the hatred

These guys have for dr. Paul

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You can understand when odonnell and chris Matthews

Being socialists diss Ron Paul but not supposed constitutional conservatives

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O Reilly doesn't even talk up

Small govt and constitutional principles

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Ron Paul people took over many state republicsn parties

How to do the same at the national level?
Or back to the age old question- do we go third party?

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Sadly I dont think the republicans will take this advice

They I predict will continue with their pandering and list ing to Karl rove, Ann coulter, rush, Rubio, dick Morris etal and not nominate a true liberty candidate
Indeed they already passed rules to prevent one from getting nominated if they want to block one

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