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SNL Skit: Member voted Ron Paul! Have a listen!

We always tivo Saturday Night Live & when Anne Hathaway did the opening monologue I couldn't believe it when Keenan sang about "writing in Ron Paul." Run the clip to around 2:20 to hear him.


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Ummm. I don't think this was a positive thing. They were actually making Ron Paul voters look stupid because they didn't even know what date election day was.

God, you guys have lost ALL

sense of humor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SNL MENTIONED Ron Paul!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
That's a lot more than the MSM.

I thought this was FUNNY & I still do!!!!!!!!!!!!

Did you see the opener with Zombie chugging milk & not being able to differentiate btwn his stamped-out sons? That was hilarious!

Yes, SNL has been pretty boring, but the show with Louis C.K. was hilarious & some skits have been good. The show is improving for some reason, though I don't like the new black guy's version of Obummer.

Thanks Michael, for putting this on the front page.

The standard defense of comedy that is not funny

Is always " have you lost your sense of humor?"
The "have you lost" line of questioning is not used to defend bad food
"Have you lost your sense of taste"?

In the case of the SNL skit, I never had the type of sense of humor to find it funny, so I didn't lose anything.

I would never finding a mocking of Ron Paul set to show tunes funny

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But just like the sense of taste

it is subjective to the individual just like humor. I love some sour cream with my baked potato where my wife thinks sour cream is disgusting. But when I eat it she doesn't loose her mind and go on and on how disgusting sour cream is. She just looks away and I laugh.

This topic has already used up more productive time than necessary.

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience"—Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

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Ah, but what is Chaka Kahn's position on fiat currency?

The old bird probably doesn't even defend raw milk! Outrage!

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Wow, looks the GOP stole more than RP's nomination

but also the sense of humour of many here.

Lighten the F up people! If you can't even take a joke without losing your shit about it then you clearly have no emotional self control which is exactly how things continue to not get done cuz people are too busy ripping a show that actually mentions the forbidden name of the GOP.

Yeah so he missed his chance to vote for Ron Paul in an election that treated RP with the same seriousness as it would have if it was Chaka Khan running. There's more Truth to the skit than you emotionally charged people give it credit for. But ya I suppose generations of negative emotional response conditioning will take some time to ware off.

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience"—Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

That skit was funny?

Not laughing at whatever that was has nothing to do with emotional response conditioning

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So it's a bad skit. Period.

Move along folks.

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience"—Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Why is this still on the front page

It's got negative votes and yet it's still on the front page?

It's supposed to be based on

It's supposed to be based on replies(somewhat), not the vote. So your reply, and mine coincidentally, are adding to this.

this show is a jester for the king and not at all fun to watch

I can not wait until all T.V.'s are composted and everyone is back outside.

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Ok so dailypaul still hates snl......fine by me....but y'all have to admit at least the black guy has enough sense to write RP in

You didn't watch-the guy did NOT write in Ron Paul

This skit is being voted down not because people don't like Saturday night live but because the skit is not what it seems
The guy who wants to write in Ron Paul is portrayed as an idiot who doesn't know the election was already held a week ago and also wants to write in Chacka Chan.

Read the rest of the comments as most people caught on that ANY mention of Ron Paul is not always a good one

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not sure if you read the part where I say

fine by me......

And honestly who cares what the statist fracks on SNL are doing. You people that constantly bring them up gives them more power, even if you are bashing them...you should just ignore them completely.

I;m not going to live my life with a stick up my a$$ hating on everything. The fact this is on the front page is ridic.

Sorry I misinterpreted - I agree with you

I can happily ignore what you call statists fracks but it's hard to do as you point out when it's on the front page of the DP with a misleading title

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That show hasn't been funny

That show hasn't been funny ion YEARSSSSSS!

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...

Last time I laughed at

Last time I laughed at anything on SNL, Phil Hartman was still alive.

Wait a minute

And as a grand finale the joker shows up and waves a.....Mexican flag.....whoa. Just what was this skit about?


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It's about being Swept Away..

I just fell into musical la-la land.
Everything they said was o.k. because it sounded o.k. .

Maybe that's what it's all about.

This garbage is now the number two story on the DP!

Petition to remove!

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maybe it has to do with you being 21 of the 38 comments on it

[as of writing this] Do you like picking at scabs or something?

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I stopped commenting and it

Dropped down to number 4 :-)

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Is AWFUL. It was good when when Bill Murray was there. I don't watch it anymore and that song had 0 humor or entertainment value to it.

Get this crap off the front page.

I'm sure they mentioned Ron

I'm sure they mentioned Ron Paul because the story is about the French REVOLUTION. It just seems to fit, as a joke that is. He may or may not have voted for Ron Paul but I'm glad they mentioned him in the song!

Glad they mocked him in a song?

So just the mention of the name Ron Paul sets you into paroxysms of mirth?
Well here you go
Ron Paul
Ron Paul
Ron Paul

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Come on.

This headline is about as accurate as Dick Morris's prediction. Can we raise our standards, please? Front page?? I'm not giving up on you, dailypaul. Don't let me down.


It must be a curating error. The dp always does a good job of placing the good stuff on the front page

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Yeah for sure.

It's kind of funny how sensitive we all seem to be about our sacred front page, right? I didn't mean to be so snobbish.

SNL member did NOT vote for Ron Paul

He said he was going to write him in or chacka chan even though the election was already held
The future voter for Ron Paul was portrayed as a moron and people swoon and vote the video up just because Ron Paul was mentioned

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Watch before you vote up


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