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SNL Skit: Member voted Ron Paul! Have a listen!

We always tivo Saturday Night Live & when Anne Hathaway did the opening monologue I couldn't believe it when Keenan sang about "writing in Ron Paul." Run the clip to around 2:20 to hear him.


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i dont think so... I think it

i dont think so... I think it was in good taste. remember the last skit with the robbers and Ron Paul had the gun and made it out alive? I think one of the writers is a Paul fan, doesnt mean we cant take a joke right?

Their motto is "Dont Tread On Me"...

The robber skit was funny

This is just a cheap shot at Ron and frankly a very insignificant one not worthhy of voting up or being on the front page

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good one!

It pains me to see that this post is in the number 3 position

On the front page of the Daily Paul or that it has any up votes or is on the front page at all.

Ron Pauls name is mentioned on SNL by a guy that is clearly meant to be out of step and stupid and it goes straight to the front page and gets voted up!

The Daily Kos and Huffington Post must love it

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Ausscyn -please watch again

And tell us why you think this is a good mention of Dr. Paul

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Yes, I have my sense of humor intact AND I am a former reformed liberal myself. BUT:

This is some liberal socialist trash definitely NOT worth front-paging. It is satire.

Immoral funding of Military Industrial Complex by Federal Reserve and US taxation system must stop!!!! End illegal/unconstitutional wars! Preserve US currency!

WHY this is on the front page is beyond me

Making fun of Ron Paul with bad music is perhaps the last thing one would expect on the front page of the dp

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This type of post SHOULD be made

I was happy to see it as I became aware that SNL doesn't think much of Ron Paul and thinks only idiots support him.

But I voted it down. I didn't vote it up just because SNL mentioned his name.

We shouldn't be this easily fooled.

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It's an inside smug not so funny joke

That the Ron Paul supporter in the crowd is the most clueless and least "with it"

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This must have been a knee jerk reaction

Any of the intelligent people here can see this is not a flattering mention of Ron Paul

Many probably just read the headline and voted it up
This should be voted down!

Seriousy watch it again and make the case for it to be on the front page or to be voted up. It's a hard sell to like this one.

Also read the comments below

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PMUB- That's bump backwards

This piece is gross
I vote it down

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Are we this mindless that ANY mention of Ron Paul

Gets us excited?

I was disgusted by the content, tone and music of this SNL skit

Look at the headline " SNL member voted for Ron Paul"

Wrong! the most hapless and dumbest member of the cast said he was going to write in Ron Paul or Chucka Chan even though the election was held four days earlier.

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This is nothing to cheer about

Obviously an error in voting and curating
Watch again

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For once I disagree with the dp editors

This is unbearable to watch and they are making fun of Ron Paul by having a clueless guy who thinks the election hasn't happened yet say he is going to write in Ron Paul or chacka chan

No one laughed or noticed in the audience. It was an inside poke at the good doctor

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This one was my favorate!

This one is better! Calls Ron Paul tough as nails and says he's not going anywhere!



It was a pretty good mention because it shows that Ron Paul's candidacy was recognizable and I think a few of the SNL writers are Ron Paul fans.

Yeah they basically portrayed Ron paul's candidacy

As appealing to the stupid and out of touch

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It says they think those who write in Ron Paul are looney.

Come on.

Didn't you notice he didn't know the election was last week?
And Chaka Khan was his second choice?

The guy was playing a buffoon.

Exactly a bad lampooning of Ron paul

Set to horrific music

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man....I can't stand musicals.


Ha Ha... I hate SNL but this is still cool.


Not a good mention or bad

Not a good mention or bad mention. It's just a comedy skit. Means that Ron Paul's name is recognizable though. Of course, we all knew that.

Ron Paul's name will be mentioned years from now on tv, and Romney's won't. That says it.

And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor.

it was satire.


He was making fun of writing in Ron Paul. Did you miss that?

They played the character as an out-of-touch buffoon. He said he couldn't wait to vote on Tuesday, and was unaware that the election was last week.

Then he said he would write in "Ron Paul" or else "Chaka Khan".

This was not a good mention of Ron paul.

SNL has always held RP in high regard

Their skits always made the most fun of Obamney but RP was always a badass.

I caught the RP mention this weekend as well.

Seems there are many people in the spotlight who are awake as well but they're too scared to go out on a limb to express their views against an industry that pays their bills. Personally I'd rather be poor and free than a rich slave. We just need to wait for one or two to come out and speak out and a flood should follow once there are too many speaking out to silence without it looking completely connected.

"Time" will tell.

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience"—Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

High regard?

Watch again

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Was horrible to hear but

Mentioning Ron Paul allowed me to get through it And really he was meant to be an idiot because he didn't know the election already happened and he also said he'd vote for chacka chan

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haha wow

maybe SNL should do classical plays instead, or spoofs on plays, that was the best thing Ive seen out of them since the old Shrub skits.