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Ron Paul 2016 - Let's not forget Ronald Reagan was 69 years old when elected US President in 1980,

and turned 70 less than a month after assuming office. He served two full terms, leaving office shortly before his 78th birthday. He was the oldest person elected to the Presidency in US history and the oldest to serve.

So Dr. Paul?

Will you run again?

Make the announcement official. Let's start campaigning tomorrow OK?

Forget about the "standard routine".

Rand is a big boy now. He can fend for himself.

Let's make this a "dog n' pony" show then the media will cover it:

RON VS RAND 2016! Father VS Son.

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Ron Paul is easily 10 years younger

then his real age, so 2016 is possible

“Government is a giant, blood-sucking parasite on our otherwise healthy economy…The answer is not to keep asking government to do more. The answer is to extricate our economy and ourselves from the grasp of Washington DC as much as possible now, before our dependency becomes our downfall.”
U. S. Congressman Ron Paul (R) Texas

"You Cannot Stop An Idea Whose Time Has Come"