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Looking for Help with a New Sitcom

I've begun writing a new sitcom, loosely based on the Always Sunny in Philadelphia characters and direction. The show is a series of episodes wherein the 'group' practices a different form of governance and realizes the pitfalls of each despite the great promises each offers.

I don't want to air the complete back story but I have an introduction piece written out as well as the pilot episode. The first season will progress from:

direct democracy>communism>anarchy>facism>monarchy>theocracy>Holy War>mercantilism>imperialism>central banking>total war>socialism>and finally to Utopian Dictatorship.

The show is a comedy pure and simple. However the true "show" is to show the American people via subtle education how each system of government has a set of promises that sound great at first, but when implemented ultimately screw everything up, again and again.

I'm hoping that the show will catch late teens-mid thirties, males and to a lesser extent politically/socially minded females. My ultimate aim is that through watching this people can be brought along by DIRECT EXPERIENCE, through the stages of political awakening and have very vivid memories of the ultimate consequences of adopting any set of political ideology as the "answer to all life's problems".

ANY and all input is appreciated. Direct message if possible. Also, does anyone have any ties to a person in the entertainment/writing industry? I am an amateur, however I have a VISION.

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