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PolicyMic - Ron Paul Supporters are the Future of the GOP


Mitt Romney’s loss to President Barack Obama came as a shock to many prominent conservative politicos. As unfortunate as the defeat was, especially for those who had an emotional investment in a Romney win, it did provoke a long overdue line of conversation within the Republican Party – one geared toward party evolution and reform.

The Republicans, scrambling to explain their loss to President Obama, have looked inward to solve this problem. Their conclusion: they must adapt to the shifting political climate, or die.


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It would be the smart thing for the establishment to do

but since when have they ever done the smart thing? lol.

I do however like this sentiment that is seeping into the mainstream that the Ron Paul youth and libertarians are the future of the Republican party. We need to keep that up. We need to flood the media with this message. Pound into peoples head. If repeating a lie often enough does the trick, then repeating the truth will be 10 times more effective.

Ron Paul supporters are the future of the party!