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Election Fraud? Look at these results - NO votes for Romney?


Look at precinct 0154 Cleveland 02 Q, less than and eighth of the way down the long page.
Not that I ever doubted the game was rigged, but this is silly.
Great article here:

Here's another article, same thing in Philly:

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Not saying there wasn't fraud, Fishy...

...but notice that there were a bunch of precincts around that one which had single digit Romney votes. A one or two vote result is just as hard (or easy) to believe as a zero.

My guess is that these precincts are heavily African-American and that Obama's "Get Out the Vote" was very effective. Blacks have no trouble voting as a block on racial grounds and they will, even for a candidate that perpetuates an economy in which they suffer 30% unemployment.

They generally aren't bothered by the PC brainwashing that causes great numbers of white females to vote for a black candidate to "prove" (mostly to their own consciences) that they aren't "racist".

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