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Texas NDAA Nullification Bill Proposes Crimminal Charges for Federal Agents

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They'll cave, just like they did for the TSA bill.

Texas has just enough confidence to talk big. They repeatedly fail to act big.

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God bless Texas!




it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--



weak, change to class a

weak, change to class a felony



Krugman Must Be Excited

Think of the economic stimulus of having to sew new flags with only 49 stars on it!

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Wow. Great news. We might even be able to imitate in our

deep BLUE state. Where can I find the actual wordings for this Texas NDAA Nullification Bill?

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Great source!

Thnx Paulreal.


romney never even showed his face at the largest republican conservative state convention in the county.
mean while, ron paul after sending his email on dropping his bid- 3 days later at the Tx convention of 16k- the thunderous applause from his speech was heard from 4 blocks away.

romneys name was mentioned one time during that 3 day convention.
KBH mentioned his name as she was the opening speaker.
The mere mention of the word "Romeny" had been boo'ed so loud, the establishment never mentioned that name again.
all three days, not a peep or a sign of romney.

this speaks volumes of how awake Texas is.

thx for posting this!

"OH NO! He has a SON?" Neoconservatives and Liberals EVERYWHERE!

Rand Paul 2016

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This is very good about TX being so awake, but then how come

they elected Rick Perry, I think 3 or 4 times?


Rick Perry is not terrible

He mentioned secession at a tea party rally in 2009.

Nah he is terrible

A liar cheater and souless without morality. He lied and cheated the real candidate Debra Medina, cheated texans out of a good governer. He supported his NWO overloards in so many ways. TTC, Bilderberg atendee(In violation of the Logan act). He foisted drug for young teen girls to be forced to inject in schools, to wit some of the victim girls has serious life changing injury. He supported the multiple illegal wars and genocides that are being persuied.

Dont tell me Rick perry is not terrible you just show who you are and it looks NOT good.


Rigged election maybe is why Perry got in 4 times?


Because their other options

Because their other options were worse and Texas is not made up of purists.

INstalled not elected as was the Bush crime family

These lieing puppet non texan implants were not voted in by the people. They lie cheat and steal for their bank gangster, Rothschild famly mafia bosses and are awarded positions. We are told by the liar propaganda media that we elect them. Its BS.
He can say he is governer but I say he aint my governer. So its a mute point. Debra Medina is my chosen governer the candiate that beat Rick Perry last election cycle the candidate that wanted to do away with the extorted theft called property tax.

Yah dont blame the victims that is exactly what they like to see. Just as the GOP is now trying to blame Ron Paul and his voters when the GOP is at fault and RP and his voters are the victim.

Its the same MO. While the abuser is about his abusive buisness they blame their victims. This confuses the victim as well as the on lookers.

So again I say your acusation that anyone in the state of Texas actually voted for and elected Rick Perry is way off base and wrong.



Thanks for posting!

Here's a non-FoolBook link:


What would the Founders do?

and just think

People are still just beginning to wake up...imagine when the majority are awake

I love my state of California

But if it keeps going the route it is I might have to flee with my family to Texas, as much as Id dislike that

Trust me

"as much as I'd dislike that" The feeling is mutual.

This has a better shot than secession

But could be a precursor
Texas is the state that would benefit most from cutting the cord.
California the least

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Up to 50,000 now.

It only shows how unhappy people are, but it doesn't really mean a thing. The NDAA thing DOES mean something. If more states push the nullification of dumbass Federal laws we might have a chance.

"Don't blame me, I voted for Kodos!"- Homer Simpson

The country is split between

Those that want government everywhere and those that don't

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those wanting government

those wanting government handouts and those not wanting their fruits of labor confiscated to give to those who want government handouts.

Yeah Texas will have to send foreign aid to california

When they are starving from their high tax socialist confiscatory union policies

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Yeah if you believe the liars on tv... California voted for more

taxes. California doesn't want GMO labeled food. And they can't count. Brazil can count their entire country's ballots in 6 hours. California? 3 weeks.