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What I have been doing after the election.

I am hesitant to post this because it is pretty off topic but I had to get it off my chest and my favorite posts on this site are personal experiences in liberty so here is my recent ones..

So I have been a delegate the last 2 elections for Ron Paul. But things have been even more interesting since Obama's recent win.

I went to the republican victory party at our largest city convention center. All our local candidates won their races and our (liberty) non-profit group has been working with them to try and influence their platform. I took my new girlfriend to this event. She has been a very radical liberal activist (she wrote in Ron Paul this election so don't judge too quickly) for a long time. She has led the occupy movement, she feeds the homeless on saturdays and does many things for the most vulnerable in our city. We attended this event while Romney was ahead. The energy was amazing. I introduced my gf to 2 commissioner candidates, our 2 congress candidates and many others. All of these candidates won.

But then me and her went to the democratic victory party. I showed up with my Ron Paul button and got a good comment from the person at the door. The crowd was tiny compared to the crowd last election at the same place during Obama's 1st victory that i showed up to that with a big Ron Paul sticker on my skateboard. But I digress. So the crowd was small but Obama won quickly and everyone got enthused.

We then went back to the republican event and the mood was very dreary. My other patriot ron pal crew were there and we were having a blast. Plus I had an amazing girl in my arms who then conversed with our nonprofit president about the free market. This girl is awesome. She is very environmental but we are finding so much common ground on how we should focus our effots. Below are a few key points.

1. Legalize hemp and win the energy argument.
2. Fight tooth and nail against Eminent Domain.
3. End the Fed who monopolizes corporations who damage the environment with war and facism.

Turns out this girl and her father were a delegate for Ron Paul last election. She is learning to hunt this week and at an occupy meeting tonight. Kind of a love story really. But what I have learned is that love truly is the best way to achieve liberty.

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Nice story. I especially

Nice story. I especially enjoyed reading your last sentence, which reminds me of my relationship with my wife. We are two different people functioning as one and the major reason that this can happen is the principle of liberty. She is a free person, I am a free person, we freely chose to get married and we can freely choose to separate. I told her when we started dating that if God told me to leave her I would leave her. Of course, I was not sure if I wanted to marry her at the time and wanted God to be the force keeping the relationship together. But after a few years now we have grown closer and the love we have is stronger.