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Does this tie-dye shirt make me look liberal?

(I wrote this in a comment yesterday, but wanted to elaborate a bit.)

The other day my boyfriend's friend from high school came over & saw a Ron Paul book on my coffee table & asked who is reading that? I said me, it's the third book of his I've read & we caucused for him. She said she was surprised b/c I looked more like a liberal. I looked down at my shirt & busted up laughing: it was a tie-dye shirt w/ a peace sign (from a snowboard competition). I told her more like a libertarian! I later thought of a bumper sticker "Does this tie-dye shirt make me look liberal?"

And that got me thinking about how the whole political process is now all about "appearances"; I "appeared" to be liberal to this perfect stranger because of my tie-dye shirt & long hair. At our county convention, all I could hear was the establishment saying how Romney "appeared" to be presidential, though none could point to a single issue where he was more conservative than Ron Paul. At the RNC, it was all about the "appearance" of unity, thus why every trick in the book was pulled to disenfranchise & run out the duly-elected Paul supporters. Is the political process now so encumbered with superficiality that it no longer cares about substance? And just what does a true Republican or a true patriot look like?

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