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When did Ron Paul write a resolution asking for states to secede?

Who is behind the states seceding? Anyone have any names? Or is this just "grassroots" pulling it our of their ass and it getting passed?

Ever hear of astorturf? Astroturf appear to be grassroots but are actually have some hidden elite behind it.

So is this grassroots or astroturf?

I say astroturf.

Furthermore, seceding isn't RESTORING THE REPUBLIC but exactly the opposite.

So why the cheers?

Think NWO is the way to go?

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It's really, really simple.

Guys in Louisiana do it. Other people in other states are then inspired.

You strike me as one of those people that sees a conspiracy in EVERYTHING.

I LOVE conspiracy theroy

I really do.. I enjoy it, it's great entertainment!

I'm very calm and think this is a great dissussion, but I don't see it as restoring the republic. Do you?