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Jon Huntsman reflects on GOP's loss: "We've lost the economy, we don't value diplomacy and we're missing the libertarian vote"

They also talk about the 'Conservative Entertainment Complex' pushing a false narrative throughout the election and that the Republicans should be more supportive of states' rights.

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Whats that

Democrat sayin?

Go make more fake youtube vids and join Obamas cabinet again


Sports Strategy

Note that he's not advocating DOING anything different once in office; this is still about a winning sports-type strategy.

I HATE politics as sport. It's the only reason people vote for a team that "can win" instead of what they really want. They want the ticker-tape parade.

The media are HORRIBLE, covering the whole thing as if it was a sport, and talking about what the team should have said to get votes.

I'm sick of them all playing with our lives.

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It became very clear that the

It became very clear that the infamous "Chinese John Huntsman" youtube video was either made by the official Huntsman campaign or at least by a strong Huntsman supporter. And then there was that "twilight zone" ad from the Huntsman campaign trying to depict Ron Paul as a kook. No candidate for the Republican nomination did more to attack Ron Paul than John Huntsman. So that's why you're missing the liberty vote, Mr. Huntsman.

Now it is true that Republicans are too quick to jump into war rather than use diplomacy. The guy Huntsman attacked was the most pro-peace candidate.

Hey John! Are you going to make an anonymous youtube about

yourself again, knocking yourself again for speaking Chinese, and for adopting a Chinese daughter, and then blame Ron Paul and his camp for it? And claim you are outraged?

Just wondering.

Dont care what this creep says...

after that disgusting stunt that Huntsman pulled in New Hampshire, his plastic mug shouldnt ever appear on the front page of the DP. This man appeared at the DNC! And now he's speaking on national television about what the Republicans need to do? You'd think Scarbvorough might have Dr. Paul on instead of this liberal hack

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"Terrorism is the war of the poor, while war is the terrorism of

Huntsman still doesn't know what he's talking about...

Still talking like he's campaigning. Speaks some truth surrounded by a lot of bull crap. The economy and GDP will get better in the next four years??? I highly doubt it...as long as we continue with the same policies and govt clamps down during the coming collapse as they're showing they will through emergency related executive orders...things will get way worse.

They are Always Campaigning

Oddly enough he said at about 1:10 that now "the President OWNS the economy".

This is how these people think. The Republicans are upset they lost the Economy, as if it is the incumbent party's.

Wonder when they'll start offering "Free College" to woo the young demographic?

I wonder the same thing

the funny thing though is, once college becomes "free" it becomes exponentially more expensive and the government will most likely pick and choose who goes to college, thus having the exact opposite effect of what they intended...to get more people in college. That or they will put price caps on universities, which will still require the govt to allow less people in college.

In this quasi free market college system we have, we at least have a glimpse of what the prices will be and how fast they will continue to rise once the prices are hidden under a "free college" system.

But yeah, they will have to do something. Either completely end the federal student loan program or by incurring all costs and making it "free."

When Jon Huntsman said Erick Erickson was right

I believe this was the article he was referring to http://www.redstate.com/2012/11/11/from-november-8-2011-see-...
I don't know if there is any hope for the Republican party, even after this massive defeat, they still can't admit their sins. The greatest candidate to ever run in that party, treated the way he was, shame on them.

What a Bunch of

crap! We knew or at least I knew that Romney would be the next candidate when McCain became the candidate in 2008. Romney was shoved down our throats. We the people did not have a choice. In each debate he was front and center and had the majority time to speak. In April Romney was behind Santorum, Gingrich and Paul. Then all of a sudden he is out in the front. The RNC had to pay off Santorum, Gingrich and Benton to move to the side lines so they could have their Globalist man. The RNC and the MSM must learn to give each and every candidate equal and unbiased time and let us, we the people, decide whom will be our next candidate.
The duty of the RNC is to support the US Constitution and to stay neutral, period. Not to support a person that they want in control.

"The great masses of the people will more easily fall victims to a big lie than to a small one". Adolf Hitler

Joined the Liberty Movement in Anchorage, Alaska, 1977. Ron Paul supporter since 1983.
In Liberty from the Pacific Northwest.

ecorob's picture

thanks, jon...

For telling us what Ron Paul has been saying for, what? For EVER!

Douchebag statist, johhny-come-lately!

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.


What a clown.


Did you know......

Did you know jon huntsman is actually related to Mitt Romney..blood related.....And now you know... makes you think....about his run in new hampshire....

Great comments in this thread.

The only thing I can add is that I think Hunter has been a tool of the Democraps in Republitards clothing for awhile. Currently both sides of the fence are bringing out the same messages. This only proves further to me that R and D is the same faction run by the same people.

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The after election discussion, amongst Republicans, has been as interesting as the before election discussion and there is a common thread. They were telling us who we were going to vote for, and now they are telling us why we didn’t. Only one change has to occur for the Republicans to win and that is to stop telling and start asking.

The best commentary

Short, to the point, and dead on. +1

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No mention of Bernanke, the Greatest Depressionist? Coronation?

"We've lost the economy?" - 1913. We gifted it to The Fed. By 1934, our gold was gone from our business contracts & bank accounts. By 1965 our silver was gone from our bank accounts & our coin. By 1971, President Nixon admitted our gold was "temporarily suspended." 1982. Our copper was gone from our bank accounts & our lowly US Penny. Now our Penny is a zinc slug w/ but a color coating copper wash. Et tu, trusted penny?

"We don't value diplomacy?" - In Rust we Trust. "We're now on the Zinc Standard." - Ron Paul, Congressional testimony questioning Uncle Ben about the Gold Standard which the Fed eviscerated. And exported our gold to other central banks? Lend & lease? Something about a neighbor borrowing a tool? Roosevelt, the Great Depressionist?

"... and we're missing the libertarian vote?" - You're kidding. Where were you when the counting was done?

No mention of Bernanke, soon to be crowned the Greatest Depressionist?

We, as others in other nations, are left with central banks pretending "legal tender" into existence. Promising each other, someone else will pay. Each promises to pay others in promissory notes. Greece promise to pay their share of their own bailout, with borrowed paper-money.

"Only in a fiat money system could Greece be responsible for bailing out Greece." - Ron Paul, Congressional testimony on Greece Bailout

The Bizarre Art of Central Banking March 17, 2010.

Staring our hero: Dr Ron Paul, as himself.

Character Actor: Uncle Ben, as himself.

Set props: Fed Attorney (right) & Paul Volcker, Fed Chairmonitor, 1980s, right arm (left side), as background still life.

Disclaimer: Mark Twain (1835-1910-To be continued) is unlicensed. His river pilot's license went delinquent in 1862. Caution advised. Daily Paul

Beware - the branding of "the Libertarians" is in progress

More and more often I hear that "Libertarians are for marriage equality and for legalizing drugs." MSM is now creating a new brand of the Liberty movement, one that is lacking a moral foundation and principles. The two extreme examples are taken and used against this movement.

They are missing one fundamental part of this movement - restoring the Constitutional order that it is the responsibility of THE STATES to decide what is good for them. Not the Federal Government to dictate Federal decisions made for the states, unless the Constitution is amended.

Those Liberty minded people who are true conservatives / classical liberals, who do not believe that same sex marriage is moral and who would vote against it *in their state*, who would never like to see their children resort to using drugs, ever; does this make them homosexuality loving, drug using "Libertarians" who lack any moral foundation?

Tired of Mob Rule!

Here is a moral principle of mine that I’m hoping others will catch on to. At least 90 percent of what people think they know is opinion. I’m not going to vote for anyone who wishes to put other people in prison for their opinion or to satisfy some other personal need they have.

This is very true

At the root of libertarianism is free markets and small government. Instead the media and the left try to polarize libertarians by pointing out the most extreme stances on the most divisive topics today.

Once again dd

Who are you to determine what a moral foundation is? For all we know, your morals and principles may have you beating your wife and cooking your dog for dinner. I prefer to guide myself without the help of a state or federal government or to decide for others their life choices. It's called self government.

And I think very fair..

A good moral foundation is the Golden Rule

According to the Founders, the Golden Rule is the basis of self-government and the foundation of our Constitution - Matthew 7:12.

Dear Kat...

I agree with you. As John Adams said "Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other." At the same time we should not underestimate the fact that now we have a STRONG Federal Government, weak States, and majority of Americans who refuse to be self-governed; they want a King to govern them instead.

In this particular environment of growing Government and reduced economic liberties and civil liberties, I see that the Liberty Movement, as reignited by Dr. Ron Paul, is carelessly going in a dangerous direction. I believe that this derailment is propelled by the lack of knowledge of history and the fundamentals of Classical Liberalism and Conservatism.

The political philosophy that is based on the belief in liberty is the Classical Liberalism. The same political philosophy that was dominant in the U.S.A. during the 18 and 19th centuries. This is the political philosophy of John Locke, Thomas Jefferson, the signers of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.

The direction of the Liberty Movement should be the restoration of these principles by personal example. More factual, realistic and close to real life rather than demonstrating fanatical idealism. It starts on the individual level - from the grassroots. It does not come from the top-down, e.g. from the highest places of the Federal Government down to the States and then to the Individuals.

Perhaps you remember the topic asking whether it is OK to take welfare and still be liberty minded. Do you remember that the majority of comments in that thread were in support of taking welfare, and as a result, willfully becoming a dependent and a slave to the Government? Faith in Liberty without Acts is dead.

Some Thoughts on Libertarian Brand

Forgive me for re-posting a dead thread that I posted on this morning about the branding or re-branding of the word "libertarian." It is just my thoughts; however, I have been thinking about "labels" a lot lately and I came to the conclusion that they are "all" re-branded over and over. Whether you look at it as hijacked or evolving...they are all ideologies of one sort in motion.

I think I am going to try swearing off using them or placing overly much importance on them and concentrate on the actors, their performances, consistencies and inconsistencies rather than the "party" label they use to describe themselves.

My comment (today) is I think the only one on the thread.



Look Carefully at "All" Brands

...lost editing possibility after realizing that I should have added that at this point "Liberty Candidate" is also a brand deemed of value by some and yet still only a "label."

((((I recently had my passport denied (another story) because I was told I had not proven my identity even with all the required documents, birth certificate is not always as it seems.


If the "Libertarian brand"

If the "Libertarian brand" takes a side regarding same sex marriage and the freedom to use drugs, then count me out of this brand.

If this branding is allowed to continue and if it is not stopped immediately, this movement could become the very same evil that it is currently fighting against. Imposing one's values onto others is not freedom, it is tyranny. These decision are to be made by the people in the State on the State level, not by the Federal Government.

No! The liberty movement is neither for, nor against gay marriage or drug use. It is FOR THE PEOPLE IN EACH STATE to decide what is good for them.

Tyranny by any other name..

If I am constrained from deciding what I can do with or to my own body, why should I give a damn if it was the federal government or my state that is subjecting me? The end result is the same--I'm not free. Legislating morality is inexcusible when the matter at hand is one's control over one's own body or personal experience.

You are against...

...being free to use drugs?

The truth is, what I am against is my own business only...

for as long as I don't make my business your business too.

In essence I am for being free to put whatever I want in my body. I choose to be careful and responsible to the best of my knowledge, but let's say that, for example, you choose to indulge in uncontrolled food consumption and to live a sedentary lifestyle.

In this case, do not expect me to pay for your health problems down the road that could potentially result from your own choices. Although, I could and probably am going to pay for your health problems out of my good heart, deep pockets full of tangible wealth and conscious decision to help you. Like the Good Samaritan.

But I do not agree that wealth should be forcefully taken from me so that the Government can take care for people like yourself (as in this example) who are not self governed. This is the Welfare State of America about which Dr. Ron Paul recently said that it is far gone and over the cliff already.