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Trend Forecaster Gerald Celente Sues Google To Block His Obscene Impostors

By Erin Fuchs | Business Insider

Noted trend forecaster Gerald Celente sued Google this week for allegedly letting bloggers use his image in vulgar postings.

The blogs at issue have variations of Celente's name, including geraldcelente-blog.blogspot.com and geraldcelente-blog.blogspot.ca.

Google acquired the company that runs that blog site in April 2011. The blogs post vulgar phrases like "WAKE THE [F-] UP" along with Celente's image, according to court documents filed by Celente.

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I would say this

seems to harm Gerald's personal property which includes his identity. Damaging it by fraudulently portraying Gerald in a unappealing way. From a personal property standpoint that would be grounds for a suit. Look at how many suits McDonald's has filed just for putting the letters "Mc" in front of a word. I hope McGoogle complies.

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This is an interesting area of the law to watch

Having been sued myself once for "copyright infringement" for something one of you posted to my site, this is an area of interest to me. But it had been an interest before being sued, going back to the napster days.

Remember when napster first came out? What a treasure trove of long lost songs to be able to download and hear! But they quickly put the kabosh on that. Napster is now an internet golden-age relic that has since come and gone.

Is this simply a matter of free speech? Yes, where are the lines drawn? Is using someone else's name and image to promote ideas antithetical to that individual covered by "free speech?" The current sites don't reflect it - I imagine the owner got wind of the suit and changed the sites. The Way Back Machine doesn't offer much help either - the images usually get lost:


It will be an interesting case to watch because it is cases like these where the law gets defined. Out there right now there is a big gray foggy area. It is the wild, wild west. Much of internet / digital IP issues are the same. The 'law' has yet to be defined.

How that 'law' is defined determines how we will live in the future.

No more napster, or kazaa. Whither Bit Torrent? People are getting sued these days in "John Doe" suits for downloading movies (mostly porn, because those are the easy marks) via bit torrent. The movie companies seed the torrent to find out "who" is downloading and how much of the movie they get. Of course they can't see you, but they can ask your ISP for your IP address, and then they sue the IP address! It is called a John Doe suit. Then they slap you, the owner of the IP address, with a lawsuit, saying, "Hey, you downloaded this porn movie. You owe us a jillion dollars, but we can make the suit go away for like - say - three grand." It is easy money for the suers. Nobody wants to get exposed for downloading porn, and a lot of porn gets downloaded for free.

It is a racket.

Anyway, I digress. It will be interesting to see where the Celente case goes.

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Einstein would sue Google in like EIGHT seconds for all the

Maybe I'm getting too jaded: Where's the obscenity in "Wake the F up?" I mean, posting an image of a big gay dogpile with Gerald's head sticking out while he's shouting "Wake the F up" is obscene, surely. But just Gerald? Nahhhh!

Anyway, Einstein would sue Google in like EIGHT seconds for all the total crap bloggers attribute to him. He was a physicist not a philosopher yet there's not a day that goes by without seeing some blogger or email spammer providing another quote by Einstein having everything to do with beekeeping, marriage, fashion, social studies, grammar, or cajun cooking -- and nothing to do with physics.

"Cowards & idiots can come along for the ride but they gotta sit in the back seat!"

agent provocateurs

There is no end to which establishment agents will go to destroy good people. Gerald, I believe means well and I like his style, although he does not promote strict adherence to the constitutions, which is most peoples downfall.The word to use is sedition. We must force obedience to the written law.

george III

Real Freedom Lover

I guess GC doesn't believe in freedom of speech on the internet.


"Bloggers also allegedly put anti-Semitic, anti-Catholic, and anti-Islamist words in Celente's mouth, causing him to fear for his own safety."

OK so we have a classic "limits of free speech" question going. The speech in question might reasonably be believed to cause material harm to Gerald.

There is nothing strange about having a bar of soap in your right pocket, it's just what's happening.


Why isn't he suing the bloggers. He's suing Google for not properly policing the internet.

Article says the bloggers are named in the suit

so he's going after the originators and those complicit in it's distribution.

There is nothing strange about having a bar of soap in your right pocket, it's just what's happening.

He's defending intellectual property.

Property rights are fundamental to Liberty, says Ron Paul. Anarchists? Music downloaders? Free market advocates? Is Gerald Celente defending freedom or attacking free speech?

Does GC stand for "Gerald

Does GC stand for "Gerald Celente" or "Google Chrome"?