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I am not the smartest cookie on here, but I guarantee you this...

Facebook censors you for certain groups. They may let you post anything you want in certain areas, but they censor for certain groups. I have tried various tactics to post under the tea party and if you post something with certain key words it wont let it post. I guarantee you Facebook censors posts based on groups, and just realize that. It actually pissed me off. They have key words blocked for users so it can read what you are trying to post based on the user. It is a sick game. Keep kicking ass everyone.

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This only shows...

This only shows how desperate they are to prevent the truth from being known. Why is there such a great effort being made from all different directions and venues to suppress the truth and create a new perceived truth? This is a global effort, and who and what is driving it? What is to be gained? The answer is always power and money. It appears to be an incurable addiction of global proportions. Where does it end? Our leaders and politician are not to be trusted, their only interests are self interests. Their souls and integrity are a commodity that are bought and sold to the highest bidder. Greed,corruption and power are the driving interest of the majority of those that are trying to make there mark in this world. Journalist and the media have lost all integrity and credibility and have become the cheerleaders and lapdogs for the highest bidder.I am so disheartened and believe that my vote is only an illusion that is designed by the government.It is only allowed to placate me into thinking that I matter and have a say in my future. The only thing I have left is a small dwindling amount of meaningless progress and minor successes in my personal life that are slowly being taken and regulated away from me. When you can see the big picture, it is not a pretty picture. I don't see an answer. Since 2007 I had hope up until lately when I saw what was done to our people,our delegates and RP. I am tired of beating my head against the wall and I don't want to play any of the games anymore.


This issue would probably get

This issue would probably get a lot more attention if you make a video of the censorship in action & post it to YouTube.


When I try to message

a certain friend of mine, FB always crashes. But it let's me post on his wall. It's so weird, like they are trying to discourage our private discourse. He is liberty-minded too & we always make fun of the two-party system & politics. I think it's patriotic groups they are targeting & people who are close in your vicinity. Hell, I've always operated under the assumption the government is listening to all my phone calls & everything anyway so I really don't care...

Facebook isn't deleting the comments

When a Facebook group is created - someone has to create it and it's not Facebook. That person will monitor and restrict comments they dislike. They can also add additional people to help remove comments.

Just to clarify, I'm not a fan of Facebook, but let's not blame them for things that aren't their responsibility.

Facebook has little to do with censored posts. Their guidelines require either violent threats or pornographic material.

And, just to be fair, Facebook has a right do whatever they want. Consider it to be like property rights. If I create a website, I can dictate how I want it run and no one else can tell me otherwise. So, it's kind of silly for people to complain about anything regarding websites.


clarification. I always appreciate a solid dose of truth to clear things up for me.

dang I cant change the title of this now with the new

methods, but if I could I would change it to, Facebook is a sellout piece of garbage, delete your accounts now. Facebook FU.

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The problem with that suggestion

is that Facebook accounts are never deleted, merely hidden from public view. FB keeps all of your data, including photos, just in case you decide to 'come back'.

(In all fairness though, a lot of 'deleted' users end up coming back very quickly. I guess it's *that* addicting for some...)

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For what it's worth, meetup might be a better option. It cost money, but as far as I know there are no restrictions. A lot of folks I know prefer it to facebook for political purposes.

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