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Marine shot dead by Palm Springs Police

PALM SPRINGS — Marine Cpl. Allan DeVillena II died in the early hours of Saturday morning when he was fatally shot by two Palm Springs Police officers during an altercation in a downtown parking structure.
At a Monday press conference, Police Chief Alberto Franz said DeVillena was shot and killed by police after the Marine attempted to drive a car into one officer after the other had already climbed halfway through the passenger’s side window. The statement also contained information about a stolen cell phone, ID card and ATM card that reportedly were found in the vehicle.

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not really sure what to think here

sounds like a little bit of harassment on the cops end, but I'm always skeptical of police testimony, because I know they lie like crazy. After working at a criminal defense attorney's office and seeing all the police reports or "Discovery" while I was there, it is clear they are all taught to write a certain way for every incidence to cover their a$$. Every DUI report said the same thing, "...detected a strong odor of alcohol emanating from the subject's breath..." Really a strong odor from someone who blew a .02? Are you serious? And depending on what other crimes we handled, many of those reports contained the same thing.

Regardless...Semper Fidelis from one Marine to another. Death is a sad event in most cases. There are usually always someone who suffers.

While I'm skeptical of these willy nilly lethal police incidents

It sounds like they might have had a reason if he was trying to run over a cop with his car. Not sure what's really going on here. The link didn't work for me, wanted me to subscribe or something.

The US Marine Corp should invade that police department...

...and take every one of those police officers to Guantanamo for an indefinite detention.

- No lawyer for the cops.

- No trial for the cops.

- Maybe some water-boarding fun.

- And whatever other dehumanizing games they play with other detainees down there.

Let the Marines on base deal with those cops as they will.


On the subject of

Posse Comitatus and the NDAA, what's you're position?

One has to wonder

how often Marines abroad get wind of their brothers and sisters being gunned down by legalized criminals at home.

Probably not often, if ever.

Saddest part is that so many cops are former Marines. Then again, "Muscles Are Required, Intelligence Not Essential"....jussayin'

Had a few cousins/uncles who were Marines, all but one went from liberty-minded folk to barely-minded folk.

A signature used to be here!

luckily for me...I went in normal.

I was young, stupid, and naive, but I was a normal kid. Then I became a neocon enlisted Marine robot...and now I can think on my own again.

I still love the guys I served with and I miss many things about it, but the good news is, a majority of my Marine buddies love Ron Paul. So just some encouragement for you.