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Romney Doomed Himself by the Corrupt Tactics Used Against Ron Paul

Excellent timely article at Target Freedom


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Romney never intended to win--

his heart was never in it (what heart he has)--

he was asked by his owners to run, and he ran.

He did what he was told to do--

and Obama is now the POTUS.

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

Ahhhhhh. Notice the article

points to a future ticket of Napolitano and Jesse Ventura. These were wasted resources for the Ron Paul campaign staff. These guys were begging to get in the fray on behalf of Dr. Paul, but his campaign refused to enlist their help. What a pity.

alan laney

Romney doomed himself by talking about the economy and jobs

It is no longer what the majority in this land want to hear. We've passed tipping point. Obama's words are the wind beneath his supporter's wings, when he speaks of working hard and opportunity they imagine themselves self-righteously pretending to work hard while all is provided for them in some magical land of plenty.


The GOP is being forced to

The GOP is being forced to reassess itself. The Ron Paul conservatives are affecting change. The GOP knows why it lost the 2012 Presidential election. They managed to alienate and shrink the party. The fact that Mitt Romney received 2 million fewer votes than John McCain in 2008 speaks volumes. I think many inside the Republican Party will consider George Will and Jon Huntsman's sage advice and turn more libertarian and reject the neocons.

What I don't like,

that I keep hearing, is that the Obama win is a loss for the GOP, conservatives, et al.

But a Romney win would have been a loss too...

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Who could ever trust such

Who could ever trust such corrupt transparent practices? Obama failed to win the election. Republicans had no candidate to vote for.