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Good news for the long haul - they are out of money!

Reporters discussed this on CNN

McCain is out of money
Guilani is asking staff to work for free
Huckabee is out of money
Thompson is running on fumes

Only Romney and Ron Paul can sustain momentum for much longer. Romney can continue by spending his personal fortune. Ron Paul can continue due to that huge support base that keeps giving him money bombs (thats you!).

Crazy like a fox! Ron Paul has a good chance in the long haul when you look at the money issue.

Keep the process going for Dr Paul

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Read this article - good news for Dr Paul

Full article at http://www.gambling911.com/Ron-Paul-011808.html

"People seem to forget that all of these early primary states were sanctioned for moving up their state's primaries and as a result they lost half of their delegates as punishment (except Iowa because their results are not binding on their delegates). What does all this mean? It means that even though the early states are doing wonders for the candidates in the media, these states have so few delegates that winning them means very little in the big picture. For example, the winner in Wyoming took 8 delegates. There are 2380 delegates up for grabs. The person who gets 1190 or more wins the nomination. Getting 8 delegates doesn't affect that total very much. Ron Paul, despite these early losses, still could easily win, at least mathematically.

Ron Paul just received his best finish yet and that is not newsworthy. All the other candidates are broke and Ron Paul still has 8 million plus and that is not newsworthy. Ron Paul received nearly 20 million dollars in donations last quarter (most likely beating the others by a huge margin - but they are all mum on the subject for now) and that got barely a blip. With all the other candidates broke, another large donation day could put Paul is better shape than all the other candidates (again, except Romney with his own money to donate).

Ron Paul supporters, now is the time to really dig deep for your candidate. No matter how high or low you are in the polls, it is difficult to continue a Presidential run when you are flat broke. Monday, January 21 is the next big donation day drive. That is this Monday, the one in a few days. The day after Sunday. Get it? This day is for all donors large and small. Give as little as ten dollars or the maximum $2300, but if you support Ron Paul, now is the time to give all you can. "


How can Front Runner McCain be out of money?

How can front runner McCain be out of money? Where are all the people who "voted" for him?

There is rising talk that a concerted effort of old fashioned vote fraud was used in New Hampshire. The two towns, Sutton and Greenville, who got caught shorting Dr. Paul;'s vote down to ZERO, raise all kinds of questions.


Voters... not Donors

You answered your own question.

They are people who VOTED for him... not people who DONATED to him.

John McCain drained all of his DONORS completely dry last spring when he sucked $50 million from them and blew it on chartered jets and fancy hotels.

The people who are VOTING for him will never donate to him nor to anyone else.

If you didn't know it, it is time you learn. Less than 1/2 of 1 percent of the population of the US ever donates to ANY candidate. (And those who DO donate often continue donating to other candidates as well... it's like a breach in a damn). Don't believe me? Go look at the FEC or the OpenSecrets websites and punch up the data for your own Zip Code. You will be surprised not only at how FEW people actually donate, but also WHO they are -- hint, it is often NOT who you think it would be! There is a CEO of a fairly large local bank who lives near me, and not only does he NOT donate to anyone, ever... but I also recently found out he doesn't even vote! SHOCKING! A Capitalist Banker CEO who is NOT involved in politics? Whoa! But it's true. (He is completely apathetic!)

Did The FEC Shut Their Doors?

I goggled and didn't quickly find any updates, but the FEC was due to shut down Dec 31st. There are 6 members, 3 from both the Dem and Rep parties. Appointments have to be confirmed by the Senate, and all but 2 of these have expired. The Dem controlled Senate has boycotted approving the new appointments.

4 members are needed to approve any action - such as dispersing matching funds - which is why they shut down. NO FUNDS WILL BE DISPERSED UNTIL THIS DEADLOCK IS BROKEN.

I haven't read anything about how this will effect the broadcast of 4thQ fund raising totals.

Both Hillary & Obama have raised in excess of $100M. There is no hurry in allowing the Republicans access to matching funds.

The way I hear it, Giuliani still has money. Romney is out of money but has his personal fortune to draw on; he'll also see an increase in fund raising from his win in Michigan. And Ron Paul. All the others are broke.

FEC as agency is still functioning.

It's only the specific things that require the formal approval of the "Board of Governors" (like disbursement of matching funds) that are temporarily suspended.

So all of the hubub about RP (or ANY candidate) taking the matching funds is really rather pointless, as they won't be doling ANY money out anytime soon!

Which is DOUBLY ironic in McCain's case.

Interesting - This will help Ron Paul if it stays locked

because he can generate money faster than the others.

Don't kid yourself.

If the FEC counted round the clock favorable reports from the corporate media as donations McCain and Huckabee would have billion dollar quarterly totals. The TV news is one big commercial for them.

“Remember that a government big enough to give you everything you want is also big enough to take away everything you have.” Barry Goldwater

Remember the secret plan? You’re about to see it!


Remember the secret plan? You’re about to see it! plus Words of wisdom from your fellow supporters.
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From this thread:

Remember the secret plan? You’re about to see it

The money was purposefully saved, prepare to get sick of Ron on national TV.


I just gave you all I knew.

They were undershooting so they could get 3rd in the first two states…they weren’t far off in either. They didn’t WANT first, as it’s politically bad with super tuesday so far off (call it the buchannon effect).

Then comes the media blitz, you WILL see the money, and they WILL be targeting proper demographics now that they have the info, this is how he has won all of his elections. No other republican can effectively use the demographic information (fix the economy, end the war).

I don’t know anything beyond that other than they are hoping for others to drop out so he gets more air time during debates.

Others shared these thoughts:

“The media has been saying all along he is not viable, so we didn’t really lose much, yet.”

“It was hardly a very far fifth place finish it was damn close.”

“I have heard this too from the campaign! I had a good cry last night, but I am over it and ready to keep fighting the fight!

This aint over till the fat lady sings!”

“This would be good, especially since all the candidates have blown all their money on the first couple of states, and then Ron Paul comes in and blasts all the states on Super Tuesday with ads to take the lead right out from under everybody….BRILLIANT!”

“Facts we do know here
Based upon expenditure reports from air time being bought in NH and IA
1. RP appears to have about $20 million still stashed
2. RP is asking for another $23 million
3. RP Campaign has played it low key at first - look at the first few ads
4. RP Campaign came out with 4 great ads recently
5. RP campaign is starting tv and radio ads in 10 states this week based upon press releases
6. RP campaign definitely didn’t do an early state strategy in spite of funds raised and looking back if you think how much time and resources spent there by all campaigns RP was never going to stand out from the pack in IA and NH.”

“Gotta really think about it. It would be a good idea. This giga Tuesday thing is new. We cannot look at Iowa and NH as significant at all. It may be that Ron’s campaign has thought outside the box on this. If you think about it…here in California, I talk about the primaries with people and the majority cannot even name a candidate. This especially applies to the republican candidates.”

“The more that I think about this….and from the snippets I heard while in IA the more it becomes obvious that they have taken this course.
For three reasons:
1. Its impossible to stand out from the crowd in IA and NH
2. The field is way too crowded right now… let it settle out some first and let everyone beat up on each other and get bloodied up
3.. Most of their money in all honesty came in in the last month… too late to be spent on IA and NH but perfect for laying out a post IA, NH media blitz that will be unrivaled as other campaigns starve for cash”

“Is Ron Paul not the “thinking man’s candidate?” Once you consider this, “aiming for 3rd” strategy, it really does make sense, whether the poster was privvy to inside info or not. If Ron is sitting on a pile of cash now, why the hell would he continue to hold onto it? I’ll assume he plans on spending it!

Without having to spend a dime, Ron Paul, in a clever way, could be said to have used these two events in IA and NH to fish out all manner of valuable demographic information. Now that he’s got this info on so many important particulars, he can put his war chest to better use than ever before, instead of having to dump piles of cash into various efforts and cross his fingers. If you’ve got less money, overall, than people like Romney, Giuliani, Clinton, Obama, you’d better do your research first so you can get the most for your money when it comes time to spend. Does this not make perfect sense?

This is an intelligent man and regardless of what happens, this is not over until 2009.

Eyes on the prize”

“Ahh I love speculation… though so much of it makes sense… because if you think about it… the campaign really didn’t try hard at all for either of IA or NH, RP and Kent Snyder have had 20 years to plan this… RP has beaten the establishment before big time so everyone cheer up, don’t lose heart and donate some more money!”

“I’ve been mulling this all over tonight, and in reading this, the thought occured to me - does Ron Paul now hang his head and hang it up? and I honestly think the man would laugh at such an idea. He’s been a lone voice for decades - these results are nothing but encouragement for him.

The votes have not proven he’s a front runner, but they do NOTHING to prove his ideas wrong. Nothing whatsoever. He knows he’s right, we know he’s right. He’s got the Constitution, the founders, history and economics on his side, and he’s going to keep fighting the good fight as long as we stand with him.

Let’s stand with our man and march with him all the way, to the end.”

“Remember the field was too crowded at first.
Now Romney is hurting bad, Rudy is tanking, Thompson is sleeping, Huckabee is bogus, and McCain is still insane.”

“You all are missing the big picture.

We are a few % points away from #3. You want everyone else to kill everyone else. Then you step in to fill the void.

It is political strategy. If you think Dr. Paul is smart enough to understand the fed, the war, and so on: Why not understand that he knows what he is doing. He is playing the fiddle just like Huckabee….

Wait and watch”

“This thread is making me think. Even moreso, maybe Paul is crazy… just crazy like a fox.

1) You’re sitting on the largest Republican war chest
2) All your opponent’s fundraising is on life support, or they blew all their money in the first two or three primaries.
3) Each of the other candidates has a huge huge negative that will show up and turn off republican voters

If they can pull the following off, it would be the greatest election coup in history:

Parity of wins gives each candidate a few days in the sun, or a few days of good grilling by the conservative media for their undesirable chances. Huck’s vast tax and spending, McCain’s amnesty fiasco and McCain-Feingold, all of Rudy’s baggage from NYC, and Thompson’s lack of enthusiasm and personality all weigh on the mind of the Republican voters. Look at the first two primary winners for Iowa and NH:

Do you think people from the more liberal states are going to look at Huckabee and actually say, “I’ll vote for him”? No, they’re gonna see that record of his and remind themselves that they would never do that. He won Iowa, now he placed 3rd in NH.

Do you think people from the South and West are going to look at McCain and not remember the amnesty BS? They’re not going to vote for him. He placed 3rd in Iowa. In NH he pulled off a win. Is he going to win in Michigan or SC? No way.

As for second place, do you think people are going to look at Romney after he blew all his chances on two states, and consider him an electable candidate? When he polls at 12% nationally? And all of those flip flops from his days as governor?

He notices that Hillary is being built up as the comeback girl, which causes splinters in Obama’s support among independents. They end up looking for a new option, and it ain’t Edwards.

Meanwhile, Paul sits back; he lets the media in Iowa and NH do his polling work for him - with real election results, not opinion polls. He lets his opponents spend themselves into debt. He allows each one of them a few days in the spotlight to allow Republican voters to remember why they suck. He figures out what voting blocs are voting on what issue, and how independent voters are swinging. Using this he super-targets on the winning issues with his 20 million dollar war chest in the 2 weeks prior to super Tuesday (to get the most bang for the buck) while the grassroots continues, and the blimp flies on in SC and Florida.

It couldn’t be possible… could it?”

Surviving without $ ?

I don't understand how the others have been surviving until now. Back in Q3 they said McCain was low in money and Huckster had none and his supporters were stingy and Rudy was in trouble and Thompson was running out. So now they say they are broke-but they managed before so won't they just continue on?

At what point do they drop out? Or do they just stay in without campaigning but going on their name recognition?


McCain is selling his future votes for cash and he can take Gov. matching funds if he wants. Huckster, I have no idea other then his nick name says!

“In the beginning of change, the patriot is a scarce man, and brave, and hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for it costs nothing to be a patriot.”

Mark Twain

“In the beginning of change, the patriot is a scarce man, and brave, and hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for it costs nothing to be a patriot.”

Mark Twain

The media

McCain, Gouliani and Huckabee will continue to be strong because even if they don't have money, the media is giving them more airtime than any candidate could hope to raise enough money for. Wake up, the media is telling the American people who to vote for and all you have to do is watch FOX, CNN, MSNBC etc to see this. The news used to be about what was happening in this country and around the world. Nowadays, the media is almost 100% about politics and candidates that they consider worthy. This isn't fair but Fascist States are never fair. Wake up America.

I did not believe it until this year - the Old Media is trying

to force the election. Faux news wants a neo-con stooge. CNN promotes the liberal-cons. No real difference in most of the candidates positions.

The turning point for me was the Faux news debate censorship of Dr. Paul. The network news is just another commercial for thier big government point of view.

The win last night just

The win last night just gives me more hope and inspires me to continue. You don't need first place to make change.People are waking up, we just need to keep going. Strong and steady. Even now in my small town signs are going up, people are becoming aware of the issues and who will and will not fix the problems at hand.

I'll second that...

Very true. One way I've found to help pull people to Dr. Paul is discussing the candidates "plans" to deal with different issues. In almost every case the other candidates treat the "symptoms" and not the "disease." The Doctor is in... Ron Paul 2008 rEVOLution!

NOTE: I am not advocating violence in any way. The content of the post is for intellectual, theoretical, and philosophical discussion. FEDS, please don't come to my house.

On To SC!!

This time, campaign must be hard and incessant! I'm still bargaining for my work schedule to take a day off on Tuesday, Feb 05. I want to sign up as precint leader here in NY.

"He who exercises government by means of his virtue may be compared to the north polar star, which keeps its place and all the stars turn towards it." Confucius

"He who exercises government by means of his virtue may be compared to the north polar star, which keeps its place and all the stars turn towards it." Confucius

Donate Now!

Start now. The campaign needs the money now! They have to plan for the remaining states after Super Tuesday. Plus, if we start now, and end on Martin Luther Kind day (January 21st), it will give more people the opportunity to donate.

Forget about breaking records. The press isn't going to report on it.

Let's get this job done. The whole job - funding for every last state!

People,have some faith!! The man just might know what he's doin!

I am not losing faith, I'm gaining it! Everyday I see the heart and soul of America in the Ron Paul supporters!

Who is Ron Paul? I am Ron Paul! We are Ron Paul!
"Fire Team for Freedom" on RonPaulRadio.com
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or visit www.mikeandjake.com

"Fire Team for Freedom"
visit www.mikeandjake.com

my thoughts ...

So everyone is saying that the others will run out of steam ...

while this seems exciting to believe in .. i just can't help but think that these people will be "endorsed" until the bitter end too .. these magical last minute headlines are likely to come pouring in as some new endorsement with cash to spare comes out of the wood work .. I think the establishment is genuinely concerned about this and will do everything in their power to dilute our man all the way up to the nomination ...

all the more important that we act as Ron's media ... the MSM may be able to reach millions on TV .. but they don't have "YOU AND ME" that with creativity, patience, and tenacity can also reach millions. So start tossing up removeable stickers everywhere, put those slim jims in newspapers, on counters, lay them in grocery carts, place business cards in car doors, CANVASS!!, keeping all those things in your living room isn't helping anything!

our man made 4th place from 5th .. he's catchin' on, i'm tellin' ya

America:Freedom to Fascism.......

I think the best tool we have when we go door-to-door is the DVD
"America: Freedom to Fascism" it speaks for it's self. We should ask them to see the video before they make a decision. People need to see things in black and white before they believe it especially when it effects their money.
I don't see why with all the resources we have, and all our people all over the country that we can't crank out at least 1 million copies of this video. Imagine how CRAZY the establishment would be when they are exposed and people start to wake up about the IRS, FED, and the ID Card.. This should be a priority since Super Tuesday is coming up fast. We don't have much time.
If you can edit the first 4 min. that would be great, most people find the first 4 min. a sleeper.

I think the best tool we have when we go door-to-door is the DVD
"America: Freeedom to Fascism" it speaks for it's self. We should ask them to see the video before they make a decison. I don't see why with all our resources we have, and all our people al

powers that be have plenty of money,,,,,,

to push there agenda...its about attrition . Allow a little hope then crush it. NEVER GIVE UP MORE BROTHERS AND SISTERS JOIN EVERYDAY.

2.3 TRILLION $$-Dollars Unaccounted For

Vote RON PAUL 2008
2.3 TRILLION $$-DOLLARS that couldn't be tracked. Have you forgotten this?


Maybe they're keeping some of this in a hidden reserve to be used when/if they need it. That's a terrible thought isn't it.

Vote RON PAUL 2008

Announced on 9/10/01

Anyone how knows Washington well should see how strange it is to release information as bad as this on a Monday. Damaging news, in almost all cases, is released on Fridays. Makes you wonder what the Pentagon knew.

I Think We Know

Vote RON PAUL 2008
Want a laugh // take a look at this:


Vote RON PAUL 2008

The Tortoise & The Hare

Guess which one we are?

It is imperative that www.FreeAtLast2008.com is a success!

We're getting there folks, stay the course.

I can't believe Giuliani is out of money

He's run out of money and he's got nothing to show for it.


Check this blog out


Kim Tipton Patience, The silent killer! to those of you who are not willing to be patient about 911 could have costed us our freedom by not doing ALL things possible to get Paul elected, not to mention the damage that has been done in ever releasing the truth about 911 to the american people. I feel that if we could have put 100% trust in Ron Paul we could have had it all, but some are willing to put Ron aside and fight alone costing ALL us freedom.I dont know of anything else to say that will wake people up, RON PAUL is our last hope and I truly cannot believe people will wash their hands of him knowing he is our ONLY path to freedom, I beg you PLEASE UNITE THE R3VOLUTION!!!! DONATE,

Are voters also donating?

In one of the campaign letters, it showed Dr. Paul has accumulated over 29,000 votes from the past primaries. Today, he has about 54,000 votes. That's 83,000 people who are voting for Dr. Paul. Are they also donating?

Here's an idea for the next money bomb:

At the next primaries in 3 days (Nevada and South Carolina), hand out, not only flyers for Dr. Paul, but also for the money bomb. Let's convert voters into donors!

Hypothetically, let's say he gets 10,000 votes in Nevada and another 15,000 in South Carolina. We have 25,000 potential donors who can help boost the money bomb tally. Not every voter knows about the money bomb since not every voter is on the internet like us.

If someone can design a good flyer, this would help a lot. Then you have Florida (13 days) and Maine (16 days) after the money bomb, but still can donate before Super Tuesday.

Damn Good Point!

Vote RON PAUL 2008
Here's a secure online way of making donations // make YOUR $$ count:


Vote RON PAUL 2008

I Just noticed that the

I Just noticed that the Huckster took in $190k yesterday compared to RP's $20K. I imagine that the Huck's "burn rate" is spectacularly higher as well. On the other hand, $20k - $50k a day is nothing to sneeze at. Paul can run right along to the convention on that money, representing the freedom message all the way. I hope to see him running for president in fall on a third party ticket if he doesn't get the R nomination. I'd pay money to see that!