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Ron Paul Revolution: The Aftermath. Serious Answers To Serious Questions.

RON PAUL REVOLUTION: The Aftermath. Serious Answers To Serious Questions.

***WARNING: Watch For "minus" Votes. The Neo-Cons Are Not Happy With This***

Hello, everyone.

I am having a hard time going to sleep. I cannot sweep under the rug what was done to us. I spent five years of my life - as many of us have - working non-stop, while everyone else I know just went about having a "good time". That hurts. The High Price Of Altruism.

My reward? Knowing that I followed my heart and that I know have as friends The Very Best Of The People In The United States: MANY OF YOU ♥

Here are my questions:

***Note: I am not questioning someone I love: Dr. Ron Paul

But I am questioning everything and everyone else:

#1: How is it possible that Dr. Ron Paul pledged to:

"To stand with the American People, President Paul will take a yearly salary of $39,336, equal to the average US workers salary, instead of the current President's $400,000 salary."

(Look at your Super Brochure).


HOW IS IT POSSIBLE THAT JESSE BENTON GOT PAID OVER HALF A MILLION DOLLARS? $600,000! His Salary For "Controlled Demolition Services".

More Than The Current President!

How much did Doug Wead get paid?

Audit The Fed?

What about Auditing The Official Campaign?

WE STARTED AS GRASSROOTS AND WERE DOING JUST FINE. This summer was The Cusp of our 5 year journey.

Ron Paul was filling STADIUMS while Mitt Romney could not fill a 500 seat room.

And: At the height of our success, The "Official Campaign" shuts down, and Jesse Benton and Company quit and go to the bank to make their deposits: Our money.

To Shut Down OUR Ron Paul 2012 Presidential Campaign right after this?


And here we are: THE TRUE RON PAUL R[3]VOLUTION. The Grassroots.

2:35 a.m. in Southern California and WORKING still - never asked for a penny and instead spent hundreds - like most of us - while "The Official Campaign Staff" got paid and is sound asleep now.

I assure all of you, the vast majority of those people are simply "Political Science Majors" and they will work with ANY Presidential Campaign: Like Doug Wead - who worked for The Bush Demons.

Then he had a "change of heart", he claims. Ron Paul gave him a "Spiritual Awakening", apparently. I would like to know how much he got paid for his "change of heart".

The "Spiritual Awakening" must have come at an even higher rate.

Anyone know?

Now he is pushing "Randy". I wonder how much that "Change Of Strategy" will net him in dollars.

Anyone has any answers to these questions?

I will repeat the very first question in this article:


More Than The Current President!


No-One-That Has Ever Officially Worked For ANY Politician.

We have among us here some of the brightest of people in The United States.



(And Rest Assured: This Was Shut Down ON PURPOSE)

The Next Time We Do This Ourselves. We Have All The People We Need.

All My Love As Always.

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He is married to the

He is married to the granddaughter. She wants nice things.

Politics is a lot like investing, once something doesn't seem right.. It's not.

In 2008 they quit just as abruptly with a big fat profit. I thought Ok, they see the numbers they are going to take the war chest and grow the movement.... crickets ... until 2011, oh look, it's a money bomb...

It was a bomb alright... I'm just glad the traitors lost to obama.

DO NOT GIVE MONEY it is food for the beast
DO NOT VOTE it is what gives the beast life.
MINIMIZE YOUR TAX "CONTRIBUTION" Buy the crap you can't live without off of craigslist
BAND TOGETHER there are strength in numbers. we need to be relocating together and trading amongst ourselves, electing our own government, abolishing our own laws.

The only way to beat them is to ignore them.

Yes. I know. Now You and I and All of Us Are Getting Down Votes

Yes. I know. Now You and I and All of Us Are Getting Down Votes.


"They" don't want THE SCAM EXPOSED because the people behind all this - Dr. Ron Paul Exempted - because they are counting on MILKING TENS IF NOT HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS - IF NOT MILLIONS OF PEOPLE OUT OF THEIR HARD EARNED MONEY FOR THE NEXT FOUR YEARS!

Yes: Keep Your Money, Save Your Own Boat. Look after your loved ones ♥

Wisdom Strategies

To All Of You: The True Ron Paul REVOLUTION: Thank You So Much!

To All Of You: The True Ron Paul REVOLUTION: Thank You So Much!

Hello, and good evening, everyone. I am almost out of words here and so touched to see THE REAL RON PAUL R[3]VOLUTION Down-Voting those who have have always Down-Voted Us! This is a Turning Point! Amazing!

Mine are simple, albeit SERIOUS questions we have EVERY RIGHT to ask.

One Question Has Not Been Answered: How Much did Dough Wead Get Paid From Our Money? Does anyone want to know? I would like to know. ANSWERS NOW!

Let's get that question answered.

It has been very clear to me Who-Is-Who-Here.

Those who have put The Neo-Con, RepubliCAN'T Party above Ron Paul have shown their true colors:

If you notice:


It is so transparent! I don't get upset about: I upset them! (Laughs!)

I laugh about it! Their DESPERATION tells me how terrified they are of us.

Which means: They know VICTORY could be ours. And: IT WILL!

We warned them: "You Cannot Win Without Us": The Ron Paul Forces.

They went up against us - The Ron Paul R[3]VOLUTION - and what they got was:


They messed with the wrong people: The TRUE GRASSROOTS RON PAUL REVOLUTION.

They tried to down-vote us and destroy us and in the process:

They DESTROYED THEMSELVES! This is so funny! (((Laughs!!!)))

Millions and millions of dollars in the toilet to the sewer!

I love all of you so much! ♥

The Down-Votes on this article shows all of us:

The Parting Of The Waters and Who Is Who.


My estimate is that we have - at The Very Top - about 50.

That is more than enough. We can do this ourselves :)

No More Career Politician Blood Sucking, Money Sucking "Strategists".

We have more than enough.

Tom Woods? Oh, Dear God! Yes! Yes! Yes!

Him and Us.


All My Love as always ♥


Wisdom Strategies

boil it down

I could, with a little research, come up with answers to the questions you're asking. But the answers will not provide answer to the underlying question that is at the root, driving all these other questions inside you. The underlying question is - what happened? , what went wrong? , why? - and that can be summed up in one brief answer. Kent Snyder.


One can't help but wonder another question, the answer to which we will never know - what if?

Please Do So - All Of Us. We Need This Answers. And Thank You!

Please Do So - All Of Us. We Need This Answers. And Thank You!

I am a young adult and I have sacrificed 5 years of my life.

I lost one of the Great Loves of my life for having been so focused on The Ron Paul Campaigns instead of her - 2008 (I started in 2007) and 2012, as well as having neglected my careers to work full-time on this.

My father asked me the "What If" question a long time ago.

This is a Wake-Up Call and I will now focus on my own well being and careers for the next four years. At least sinking the Neo-Cons bought us a little time.

However: That research and answers to these questions are important so that none of us is ever exploited as we have.

My warmest thanks.

Wisdom Strategies

Then you can start by backing someone

who doesn't come from money and has a heart of gold and putting them in the sheriff's department. Sheriff elections are much easier to win than presidential elections:


Why is what Benton earned an issue?

Are you against people making money? Is it your business?

How do you like your "Down-Votes" Now, Neo-Con RepubliCAN'T?

How do you like your "Down-Votes" Now, Neo-Con RepubliCAN'T?

Goodbye. We know what you are. The opposite of who we are.


Wisdom Strategies

I'm against people fleecing the grass roots

for a paycheck most of those grass roots will never see. Benton did not need to make over a half-million dollars for his work. I would have done it for free room and board.

No one fleeced grassroots

campaign donations are voluntary.. Do you think grassroots is buying liberty with a campaign?

I'm all for people making money honestly, and this was honest money.

Did you join the GOP, become a national delegate, get a committee seat? If you didn't.. then I think you missed the whole point of the campaign and have buyers remorse. If you didn't.. then don't say what you would have done because you didn't do what you could have done when it needed to be done.

Tom Woods said he would work for the campaign for free.

That said it all, to me. And when they refused to let him, he did his best on the outside for free.

I see your point.

Tom Woods Offered To Work For Free And Was Refused?

Tom Woods Offered To Work For Free And Was Refused?

Well: This is turning out to be quite a bit of an eye-opener article and I so thank all of you for your input and contributions.

I offered to work for free as early as 2008. And I have, just on my own.

I was turned down as well. I was told that if I wanted to help, to send them money.

Campaign For Liberty was by far The Worst when it came to asking for money ONLY.

I told all of these people: Send me materials and I will pass them out to HUNDREDS of people week after week: I am a musician.


It was only Eric, Curt (Super Brochure Project) and Dr.K Research who provided me with CASE AFTER CASE of Super-Brochures and other materials - FREE OF CHARGE because they believed in me. THAT IS THE GRASSROOTS AT WORK.

I am a well respected musician and that gives me leverage to promote someone - which is what I did with Dr. Ron Paul and our RON PAUL REVOLUTION.

I promoted him much more than I promoted myself. My music pages became RON PAUL R[3]VOLUTION Update Central.

I think we need to work on saving our own individual life-boats.

These sick people are determined to sink The USS Titanic.

Wisdom Strategies

...and what does that tell you?

Ron Paul was purposely surrounded by people who would ensure he did not get the nomination.

I'm with you...

But they all just want to punt the next four years so Rand can save them, working within the corrupt system to beat it... Which is insanity...

Rand isn't going to save us

We will save ourselves under the leadership of Rand who will enable us to be free to do that.

You just...

contradicted yourself... LOL!

Romney lost...

Yet the Romney moles remain...

GOP ran Romney to lose

That was obvious, at least from my perspective.

Being tptb were not going to allow Ron Paul his deserved win.. I would have prefered Romney to Obama.

But, now the election is over, and I'm happy, and looking forward to working with my committee, with other Ron Paul Republicans. I'm so grateful to Ron Paul for waking me up and getting me in the game.


Wish I could just write the whole thing off too

Talk about conflicted. Yanno I have no problem with a good man making good money. But somewhere around the middle of this campaign, given the projects I was working on, I began to feel as though this great unseen hand was moving against us.

And that hand, at the surface, turned out to be Jesse Benton. Here we are donating money and doing events and Benton is back there telling our guests and speakers "hey don't participate with those guys, they are fringers".

In other words, thanks for the money, here's a kick in the teeth.

I can forgive mistakes, I understand miscalculations and differences of opinion. But to be actively taken down while we're donating the fuel for the fires of liberty? Sorry but that SOOOOOOOOOOOO crosses the line. A highly public apology and act of contrition might--just might turn my judgement. If it was just me. But these people didn't just hurt me, they hurt my friends. My people. You people. I'm not sure I'm ever gonna be "over" this one.

Most of those who think so actually don't and most of those who think sew actually rip.