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State Secession Petitions: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Alt. title: Confounded, Flustered, Filibustered

Like most people, I love to get swept up in the latest next-big-thing and revel in that "we'll show them, power to the people!" feeling.

Also like most people, I have a skeptical side that says "this will never work. You can't beat the system."

And, as an internet forum-follower, I've developed a healthy sense of paranoia that says "this whole thing feels like a big set-up."


regarding the state secession petitions,

The good:

-people are getting angry and active. Given their limited choices and voices they are doing what they feel is in their power to do which is to sign a petition.

-they are forwarding these petitions to their friends via email and posting them to their facebook walls.

-they are reading comments and clicking on links that are hopefully mostly full of good information and little bs.

The bad:

-some people may feel that once they have digitally signed a petition their job is done and they can go back to sleep

-arguments are started on this issue, friendships are strained because of it

-misinformation on states' rights is spread

The ugly:

-Inaccurate correlations between 'Romney' and 'Obama' states and subsequent petition states are drawn which brings the discussion back down to a left-v-right level of simplicity

-Media outlets muddy the waters by bringing in bunches of 'experts' who will say anything on the subject just so they can be on tv

-hundreds of signatures will be found to be 'fraudulent', all petitions will be found questionable, efforts to restart the movement will be confounded, flustered, and filibustered into oblivion

-signatories labeled civil disobedients, confined to special holding facilities until everything clears up and returns to normal.

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You don't need to secede

Just de-corporate.

I think it may have been

I think it may have been contrived by the state. All the build up in ammo lately by federal departments. Much like the FBI stocking its own barrel with fish to shoot, someone may be pulling strings and fanning the flames on the right to give them targets for all their bullets. We shall see.

Southern Agrarian


Too good to be true...

Tweeting occasionally as himself @cudnoski on the twitter.

Putting any time or energy

Putting any time or energy into a secession movement is nuts, and quite possibly dangerous. Better to politic for a stronger, more original interpretation of the 10th amendment.

I must be willing to give up what I am in order to become what I will be. Albert Einstein

It wll not matter

Whne the tipping point of suffering, theft, and usurpation of productivity from enough people is reached and recognized to be caused by and/or enabled by the foolish moralizing and glad-handing of people who destroy the basis of value for one half of every transaction which they have codified into law to be universally accepted, when these units by which individuals no longer even come close to representing the ffort required to obtain them, INDIVIDUALS will INDIVIDUALLY reject the legitimacy of this gang of racketeers and create and exchange wealth between and among themselves in defiance of those who continue to exert such control, whenit obviously is more harmful than beneficial.

Guns will not have to be fired. Geopolitical designations and 'lines in the sand' will lose their meaning in the face of survival, simple logic, and the basic need and desire of reasoning and rational HUMAN BEINGS to make choices for their own prosperity and to reject, evade, ignore, and/or ostracize those who use of 'morality' and 'patriotism' as a bully's club to oscure the injustice and mass theft that has been a century in operation,

...And passed from one generation of rich lawyers to another, through the use of deceptive language, propaganda force fed to masses of people through generations, from an early age, by more 'moralizers' who use the compassion of humans to herd young people and old into groups based on age, color, what language they speak and even upon which plot of land they happened to come into being.

Much of it is couched in 'protection for the children', a fear of 'societal ignorance', and the outdated, fear based, and largely untrue assumption that humans are all out to screw each other out of something or kill and dominate one another by instinct.

This is not the way me or my family or progeny view any of our fellows, and I think there are very few that actually think this way and act accordingly.

So let's stop shoving our idea of 'good' on each other by placing it in the hands of people who can never be directly accountable to us as indivduals or held culpable for any damage they may cause to the productivity and liberty of people they have never met and can never truly represent, OK?

Let's make the next choice for ourselves, understanding that such choices are immoral if one steals from or harms another to bring pleasure or gain to one's self, and ostracize and remove from society those whom we know to be immoral or depraved by means of a fair and logical assessment of the activities and consequences of the actions of the individuals who make immoral choices, OK?

This is the road to freedom, to prosperity, to men and women gathering in communities among people who share their values without forcing their beliefs on any of the others with threats.

Thanks again

'Live for yourself, there's no one else more worth living for,
Begging hands and bleeding hearts
Will only cry out for more...'

The 'federal' government

that was supposedly founded to protect life, liberty, and property has been repeatedly proven to KILL innocent people, or even people who are not necessarily laudable in their choices, acions, and words, but who are not murderers or thieves and many who were simply caught standing in the wrong spot when one of our 'deciders of Justice' went BOOM in front of or around them,

to STEAL the liberty of or, in essence, KIDNAP, individuals who every day make choices about their own existence that have no direct impact on or deleterious effect on any other humans,

to STEAL the Property of individuals who did not ask for their 'protection' or their 'services' and to claim it to be for the 'Greater Good',

To repeatedly and flagrantly fly in the face of basic Logic and a simple English reading of their OWN rulebook, in order to perpetuate these Killings and Thefts.

When enough individuals see these simple truths as simply as they simply ARE, support for this Machine purposed toward the killing and looting of innocents or undesirables, and in fact all who happen to exist within their 'territory' will wither, and the people will agree in ones, twos, threes, families, and communities to withdraw their support for, allegiance to, and even blind eye turning toward such a force for the destruction of productivity and brotherhood among beings who are perfectly able in nearly every instance to live in harmony with one another and exchange value for value without threats and without imposing their own version of 'ideal' upon everyone who happens to be within reach of their fancy-hatted rule-makers and guns of control paid for with the blood and treasure of other heel-ground sufferers and their ancestors and progeny.

Peace, love, understanding, tolerance.

They will not 'save society', they will and should be the basis by which all human interaction is initiated and conducted.

I want it for myself and my wife, family, kids, and neighbors, and I want it for you and yours as well.


'Live for yourself, there's no one else more worth living for,
Begging hands and bleeding hearts
Will only cry out for more...'

One more ugly

-Assumptions that most people supporting secession are Old Souther racists who want to return to the days of segregation and slavery.

While even some New England and West Coast States

have petitions up for them, it did not escape me that there is a solid block to the South for this movement.