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Joan the Silencer messes with Texas delegate

The latest Internet Photoshop meme spent over two months simmering as an in-joke among anti-Romney Republicans before erupting into full-fledged memehood just after the presidential election: a photograph of former Romney delegate Joan Clendenin of Modesto, Calif., at the Republican National Convention last August has been pasted into countless iconic images as “Joan the Silencer,” and the Facebook page of that name has collected more than 1,900 likes in the three days since it started.

The meme is similar to the one created last year after Officer John Pike was photographed pepper-spraying peaceful student protesters at a campus sit-in. Difference is, instead of repeated images of a man spraying famous icons of art and history, it’s a woman holding a sheaf of papers at arm’s length in a hamfisted attempt to silence them.

The original photograph shows Clendenin holding a handful of papers over a microphone in an attempt to prevent 36-year-old Jeremy Blosser, a Ron Paul alternate delegate from Fort Worth, Texas, from speaking into it. But the photograph got little attention until after the presidential election, on Nov. 8, when Michael Nystrom from the Daily Paul blog posted it with the headline “Help me caption this RNC 2012 photo.”