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DRUDGE: Lawmaker asks to be paid in gold

Ron Paul supporter and representative asks to be paid in gold.


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A few things

First, most of the article's comments are depressing, but not at all surprising.

Second, as much as I like gold, I think the guy's being a bit silly. Why can't he just take his FRNs and buy gold himself? After all, he's going to need *some* FRNs for day to day stuff, unless he expects the Stop and Shop down the street to accept Krugerrands. I 'get' what he's trying to do, but is this really the best way to make the case for gold?

Third, the story itself, as well as many of the comments is just another example of people on all sides blowing crap out of proportion. Gee, what a surprise.

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My Opinion:

If the U.S. Constitution {The "Supreme" law of the land- 'Article 6'} said use nothing but apples, potato's, wheat, and corn, as payment for "all" debts public and private, wouldn't people be trying to grow these things, all over the USA? {Helping our economy}

But it doesn't say that, it says "nothing" but Gold and Silver {Article I section 10}
There fore, our government officials that took an oath to support and "OBEY" the U.S. Constitution, are law breakers! ! !

I think if Ron Paul had become President, he would have fixed the American monetary problems, in time.


not silly

It's not silly to ask your employer to pay you your earnings in a medium of your preference (in this case, Gold). Asking your employer to do this, well may be the best way to make the case for Gold.

The Stop and Shop down the street is likely to accept Krugerrand, if the employees at Stop and Shop get paid x percent of their paycheck in Gold. Think about it. If every American who collects a paycheck received 20% of that paycheck in gold/silver, it would be rare to find a business that would not accept gold/silver as a form of payment.


Fancy Shmancy Fine Print:

If his wage is one oz. of

If his wage is one oz. of gold a week instead of $1,700 per week, then he will protect his wage from inflation. It is not the same as getting paid in the US dollars and then buying gold.

Like I said

I 'get' what he's doing full well, but if he really expects for them to turn around and pay him in gold then he's delusional. We live in a country where cops are given paid vacations when they murder innocent people, and somehow people expect to get paid in anything other than slave currency? No dice.

He can cite the Constitution all he wants, but if that actually worked, well we wouldn't have the Patriot Act and all the other nonsense now would we?

I'm just being realistic here. I support the guy's cause but not every battle is worth fighting.

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So being realistic now means accepting tyranny and not

trying to stop it or correct bad policy?


I doubt he is expecting this

I doubt he is expecting this to go through and be paid in gold, but he has certainly put sound money under the spotlight.

The main goal here may not actually getting paid in gold, but to shed light on the subject of the constitution and money, which he has successfully done here.


but since his salary is defined by state law it makes no sense for his salary to be different from everyone else in the state legislature there. And if he means simply that he wants his salary, defined in dollars by law, to be converted to gold before he gets it, then that doesn't protect him from inflation and doesn't address the constitutionality issues.

It would make more sense for him to propose legislation defining the salary for members of Montana state legislature in ounces of gold. He says he gets about $7,000 a year, so that's about four ounces of gold a year currently. Who knows, maybe there are enough like-minded people in the Montana legislature to actually make it happen. *That* would make some headlines, not just scattered blog mentions.

Who said anything about his salary being different?

He's insinuating the case ALL state lawmakers (heck, ALL state employees) have to be paid this way.

He's not asking for special treatment, though he should be more direct about this.

I Agree

I agree with this.. but in response to your last sentence, his actions did make headlines top and center on one of the most influential news sites in the world.

it's sad...

reading the comments on that article. The ignorance is astounding. I read them trying oh so hard to be smart / witty / funny and make comments about "Even Bennie B says Gold isn't money..." and "fine, give him 3.5 ounces of gold each year and tell him he's paid in full, and watch what happens when gold crashes".


I'd LOVE it if someone offered to give me 3.5 ounces of gold each year vs the fiat that it's equivalent to "today". I'd take that gamble any time. You can always convert a bit of silver or gold to current "fiat" if you need to in a pinch, but I'd match up that silver or gold against the paper dollar in 5 or 10 years, and see which did better. My "money" is on silver and gold. ;)

In capitalist America, bank

In capitalist America, bank robs you!!!

Was this man one of Ron's

Was this man one of Ron's endorsed liberty candidates? His name doesn't stand out to me.

I Would Say Mr. O'Neil Is One Very Smart Montana Lawmaker !

Maybe lawmakers from other states will follow his lead.


Will work for medal

Will work for medals. Four words that can change the world.

An employer who can pay employees in medals will accept medal from customers at the cash register. When more cash registers accept medal, more people will work for medal.

One man

One man's currency is another man's jewelry.

Think you mean "work for metals"

You can join the Army and win all sorts of medals.


will work for medal

What are those medals usually made of? Gold, silver, bronze, copper...

Medal, or medallion;
a small usually metal object bearing a religious emblem or picture: a piece of metal often resembling a coin and having a stamped design.
They are also known as "rounds", "tokens", and "bars". (call them anything but a "coin" unless you want to risk legal troubles).

...and medals are an earned item, not a winning.


Fancy Shmancy Fine Print:

Join the military, and you

Join the military, and you can get all of the medal's you want

"It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere".

It's hard not to be a menace to society when half the population is happy on their knees. - unknown


All the medals that you want, or all the medals that you can earn?

Walk through the scrap yard and you can get all the metal you want.


Fancy Shmancy Fine Print: