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Child sexual abuse in Australian institutions, including schools and churches.

Clearly the people in charge of the countries around the world are unable to police themselves. When ole when will the people of the world take back our children and our lives from the institutional evil that has surrounded us?

Gillard acts on sex-abuse claims
SYDNEY, Nov. 12 (UPI) -- Prime Minister Julia Gillard has called for an investigation into allegations of child sexual abuse in Australian institutions, including schools and churches.

The investigation came after claims were made last week about systemic abuses and coverups by the Catholic church in New South Wales, The Sydney Morning Herald reported.

Gillard has called for a nationwide royal commission to investigate churches, charities, state governments, schools, community organizations and even the police.

"Any instance of child abuse is a vile and evil thing," the prime minister said. "There have been too many adults who have averted their eyes to this evil. There has been a systemic failure to respond to it and to protect children."


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Worldwide, other institutions have been letting the

Catholic Church take all the heat. All institutions, public and private, that involve children should be scrutinized. You can bet your sweet **** that this is just as prevalent and heinous among other denominations and public institutions.

I guess they've nearly finished raping the American youth...

and have moved on to raping the Australian youth.