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Is 1984 Now?

by SenatorRandPaul

George Orwell's dystopian novel continues to come true in too many ways

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Rand Paul

= Jesse Benton.

Talk talk... the evil machine loves gatekeepers.

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I would contend

Aldous Huxley's "Brave New World" is closer to reality than Orwell's 1984.

Neil Postman...

Neil Postman argued the same thing in the introduction to his book Amusing Ourselves to Death. If you haven't read it, it is a great book.

The best statement Rand has

The best statement Rand has ever delivered. We're lucky to have him in the Senate.

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There has been a question going around the DP about "what would it take for you to get behind Rand in 2016". This was a heck of a start.

EDIT: There was one thing I didn't like - that Rand (in his own words) "almost capitulated" but then forced the "yeas and nays". How could he *almost* capitulate to THAT?! I hope he was just being a little dramatic for the purpose of that story. That is NOT an issue to waver on.

Don't get me wrong, however. I still am grateful he's in the Senate and I have renewed faith that he could potentially live up to being worthy (as a statesman to the people) of being called "Ron Paul's son".



That is an awesome photo.


A great vid from Rand Paul


Exercise Your Rights. If You Don't Use Them, You Will Lose Them.
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