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Awesome prepper sleeping bag score! Everybody should get one of these!

Hey guys! This is really great. This is a big deal and a good one. Seems all this military surplus is coming back from various cold places and I heard about this cold-weather sleeping bag system used by troops. Started checking them out, best prices are on Ebay, new for about $120 and used for about half that (delivery included if you shop a bit). Used can be "nearly new" condition. It beats the death out of anything in the camping retail category in terms of price and versatility.

3 components, each can be used by itself or in combination with the others. The ratings below are mine.

  • the inner "patrol bag" for temps down to 30F.
  • the intermediate "cold weather bag" which by itself takes you down to -10F
  • Together they give you about -20
  • A Gore-Tex outer "bivy" shell, camouflage no less which keeps you dry and clean and sneaky and it gives you another 10F for a combined performance in the -30F range. Some rate these as -50F bags but I'm kinda leaner and sleep chilly so I like my ratings better.
  • The 4-part system gets you the compression stuff sack for this kit. That's nice to have BUT it's best to store bags like these hanging in your closet rather than compressed. You get more life out of your insulation that way.

This system used in various combinations gives you 4-season performance over about 85% of the planetary surface. Seriously. In all weather. Because this system, well, most of us winter campers have similar systems pieced together from different manufacturers and we have know about stuff like vapour barriers and bivy sacks forever. Now you just get a nice married set for a price that makes most of us PUKE. We used to have to spend a lot more money for this capability. I wish I had one of these growing up. Spent a lot of time freezing my little butt off with inferior equipment.

Remember the ratings go down the smaller you are. For kids what you do is pull the toe from the inside to the top of the bag, and this way shortening the bag to the kid's length while filling up the volume on the inside of the bag, and this compensates for their small size nicely. Of course if you can fit 2 kids in a bag in extreme conditions that is totally the way to go.

2 in one bag is sometimes the only way to go especially if one person is hypothermic and no real heat source is available but you. You get them quickly as close to naked as you can, you get yourself as close to naked as you can tolerate and you jump in the bag with them and hug them, getting as much skin contact between that person and you as possible.

Yeah sorry but hey, I'm told watching somebody freeze to death isn't that much fun either so take your pick. Besides, don't they have a cure for cooties these days? Such a trivial malady in this day and age to be sure.

You can hand-wash your used bag in light detergent. The best way for most of us to do this is wash it in the tub, once component at a time and you will want to drain and leave the bag in the tub bottom, nice and evenly laid out and just let the sucker drain. The -20 bag will be very very heavy when totally waterlogged and you don't want to mess up and tear up the DISTRIBUTION OF THE INSULATING MATERIAL inside. When they lighten up a bit, out on a picnic table outside is a good place. Finally you can transfer them to a line to finish drying.

Folks, if it was expensive I wouldn't bother telling you but this I think is in range for all of us. Look at the people back East, some still without power going on 2 weeks, about .25M of them. In winter camping and survival, a good sleep is crucial, absolutely crucial not only because of the heightened activity but STRESS BURNS CALORIES and OUR BODY BURNS CALORIES TRYING TO KEEP WARM. In every sense, if you can sleep warm, you have a massive advantage, you will last longer. And unless you are literally under water, you just put freezing to death down into the under 10% probability range. Certainly a peace of mind factor in there.

Most of this stuff is coming into OKC at military auction in bulk so if any OKC patriots wanna totally hook us all up, I'll get another. And I'll urge everybody to do the same. TALK ABOUT A GREAT CHRISTMAS/CHANNUKAH GIFT!

In conclusion, no matter how poor you are, suspend your metal purchasing piggy bank just long enough to score yourself and your people one of these, do this, DO THIS. Put this on your list. It's like the bestest thing in outdoor sleeping ever. Total peace of mind factor. I could go on and on so I'll stop right here.


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Here is a link for

Here is a link for Ebay:

If link doesn't work just search on ebay for military modular sleeping bag system.
I have also seen an all black one from USMC if you don't like camo.
Have to watch out though because some are selling individual parts of the system.

prepper sleeping bags

My by has been researching GOOD SHTF scenarios and sleeping bags so he tells me this one system is good but way too heavy in comparison to the lightweight ones.

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That is a factor

This system is on the heavy side to be sure however consider for bugout, with this system you can leave the tent behind. In warmer weather you can leave some of the components behind.

Weight is balanced by capability. I'm not aware of lighter systems with this capability.

Be brave, be brave, the Myan pilot needs no aeroplane.

A Testimonial

The modular sleep system is depicted in this video I found. I have used this sleeping bag extensively while I was in the military. It has kept me comfortable in subzero temps in the arctic, in the snow, without a tent (just a foam sleeping pad underneath for insulation). It weighs about 10 lbs, but one would rarely need all three layers for most outdoor situations.


In the ARCTIC!

Well OK then. When I said 85% of global surface comfort I was kinda subtracting for polar regions but hey man, this is drop, conk and snore performance.

And I kinda in a way HATE EVERYBODY IN THE UNIVERSE now because my first winter bag (also mil surplus) cost me a whole summer of mowing lawns and the thing SUCKED. Near about froze my nuts off and it cost honestly about what we can score this system for now.

See I'm caught in this conflict of simultaneously wanting you all not to suffer as I have and wanting to hate you for not having done so.

It's only my love for you as warm that I do not prefer you all turn into popsickles.

Be brave, be brave, the Myan pilot needs no aeroplane.

I'd Buy More

...if the prices keep coming down. My unit tested various cold weather uniforms and sleeping bags in northern Norway during the 1980s. I've spent plenty of time freezing in the old military "mountain" and "arctic" bags.
When the modular sleep system was first issued it did not come with the goretex bivy cover. We used ponchos or canvas shelter halves to keep the moisture off. The bivy defintely completes the package now. For the most bitter colnditions it helps to have polypropylene thermal underwear, down sleeping booties, and wool cap. (If you chill easily like I do you can drag a military poncho liner into the bag as well for another 10 deg. of protection).
Your excitement with your new purchase is entirely justified because that's how I felt the first time I used one. Enjoy!

I love to snuggle, especially

I love to snuggle, especially when it's freezing ass cold out!

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How about a link?

How are we supposed to find the bag you are talking about?

how much does this weigh?

And what is the insulating material? Down or synthetic? I generally stay away from military gear, because it's usually heavy and of poor quality, but this sounds interesting.

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it weighs exactly

4.5 snuggles

Be brave, be brave, the Myan pilot needs no aeroplane.

snuggles are relative

a snuggle from whom?

“The welfare of the people in particular has always been the alibi of tyrants.” — Albert Camus

Waiting for an OKC patriot

to hustle down to the auctions and make a couple bucks hooking us all up.

INCENTIVE: brother or sister in OKC, as though with a magic wand, you can prevent a bunch of us from cold. From freezing to death. You have this power, should you choose to use it, to prevent suffering among our men, our women and our children. And whosoever we choose.

May God put this into your heart that you are moved to care for our people and you will have something not everybody has.

A very personal favour from me.

I will tell you a story one time but part of it has to do with this:

Where they people are cold we will try to warm them.

Be brave, be brave, the Myan pilot needs no aeroplane.

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bump for keeping warm

Saluting all preppers.

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