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Ron Paul's future.

What does our future hold?

If we learned anything over the last 5 years, it is this.

1. The establishment has complete control over both Republican and Democratic parties. Nothing else "We the People" do matters.

2. We are capable of rallying around Ron Paul and him alone. We are not united under any other candidate, party or cause.

With these learning's in mind I would like to know what chance we have of doing anything more than what we have already achieved? Based on these two factors we might as well forget trying to fix this Country at all.

We are nothing but useless talk.

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We need to find out how... clone Ron Paul!

the path forward

is a mixture of paths. We do not need to continually be united under every path so long as we are all committed to a free society. Each should pursue liberty in the way they see as best for themselves. Talk about your ideas with others. People will migrate to what they see as good ideas. In this way we will be approaching liberty from many directions, strengthening the movement as a whole.


have a point there... Nobody wants to risk possible short term sacrifice today, to forestall losing everything in the long run, tomorrow.