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Mark Levin TRASHES Karl Rove & Bill Kristol

Daily Caller: On his Monday radio program, talk show host Mark Levin, author of “Ameritopia: The Unmaking of America,” rejected the notion that the Republican Party should become more moderate to win over voters and blasted several commentators who suggested otherwise.

Levin added that the so-called Republican “consultant class” — including MSNBC analyst and former John McCain adviser Steve Schmidt — should be required to disclose how much they’re being paid before they’re allowed to try to steer the party.

“This consultant class, ladies and gentlemen, is very, very dangerous,” Levin said. “And all this money you contribute to the campaigns — they’re pocketing a fortune. And the Republican Party, they’re not only pulling the Republican Party in the wrong direction, they’re losing campaigns.”

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"We" do not...

Have to pay anything down! We need to tell the robbers to take a hike! Pound sand! AKA the federal reserve.
Debt and deficit are one and the same.

When Fascism goes to sleep, it checks under the bed for Ron Paul!

DEBT and DEFICIT are NOT the same.

Deficit is what we have to borrow THIS year.

Debt is the accumulation that is now at $16 trillion. If interest rates were to go to 3% thats $480 billion per year, JUST FOR INTEREST.

Under current taxes we only bring in $800 billion. Subtract $480 billion and what is left? $320 billion.

Thats not even enough to pay for Social Security ($750 billion) or the military ($800 billion) let alone both. Not to mention everything else the government does.

And if we don't have the money for anything we have to borrow it - which only adds to the problem, until the dollar loses ALL value. Why don't you KNOW any of this stuff?

Get a CLUE - and learn some math and economics.

It really bothers me that so many people even in a forum like this one have NO IDEA about the magnitude of the problem.


Just don't get it! The owners of the debt will never get repaid! The issuers of the debt are the federal reserve. aka the bank! Do you really think "We the People" will let them take our nation?!
The reality is, that the banksters already have taken over our nation!
It's time we take it back!
My point is, "Debt, deficit" make no difference! The origin is what matters!

When Fascism goes to sleep, it checks under the bed for Ron Paul!

You don't get it either.

The majority of the debt is owed to the Federal Reserve. Since that money is created out of thin air - and the interest is by law repaid to Treasury, that money can be caused to vanish just as fast as it was produced.

The second largest holder is Social Security.

Then other government institutional investors.

Next comes foreign debt with China, Japan and others who own trillions.

I get it totally!

Here's why income tax was created! to guarantee interest payments...
You're either an idiot or a troll! More likely both!

When Fascism goes to sleep, it checks under the bed for Ron Paul!

egapele's picture

Ron Paul nailed it when he said

that the Occupy Wall Street crowd had great intentions but were misinformed.

It's all about the Federal Reserve'S creation of credit to enable the ensuing **SPENDING** - taxing the cajunas out of the rich's pockets won't solve the problem!

Taxing the rich means digging from one hole to fill the one behind you that is being dug by someone else & they're making off with all the dirt while you do all the work!

There has NEVER in the history of our country, been greater

economic disparity between the rich and poor as there is right now.

The problem belongs to everybody. The downfall will belong to everybody.

Forgive me if I don't shed any tears for the rich who have far more advantages over the poor right now than ever.

Do you have any idea what a dollar collapse would mean?

As a reserve currency - it would be a bigger blow to us AND the world economy than the fall of the Soviet Union. And some countries of the Soviet Union are still crawling out 20 years later.

A dollar collapse will reverberate, with shockwaves across the oceans and back to us many times over.

It is like a huge nulclear blast and will reduce us at least for a few years to third world nation status. Think - bombed out Britain - once ruler of the world, after WW2 - but much bigger.

THATS what happens if we don't get this debt taken care of.

NOT just the inconvenience of you having to wait another year to buy a new car, like a greater tax burden might mean.

And raising taxes fixes it???

It will just go to more spending. That money os better left in private hands for investment or spending by the one who earned it.

Please subscribe to smaulgld.com

PAYING THE DEBT fixes it. Through BOTH raising taxes and

decreasing spending.

Just curious...

What was your total federal tax burden last year?

Mine was $65k, just to federal burdens. Not enough huh?
My kids don't matter. Your kids and everybody else kids come first, the children who lose their dad 65+ hours a week, screw them, they dont need any of that money.

The feds COLLECT 2.4 trillion in annual receipts,16% of GDP just to the feds and that enough?

It is spending problem.It is spending problem.It is a spending problem. It is a spending problem.It is a spending problem.It is a spending problem.It is a spending problem.It is a spending problem.

Hope that helps.


Liberty = Responsibility

Yeah - and if you had a $65k tax bill, how much did you make?

I'm betting nobody saw you in any soup line.

What YOU and a lot of other fools don't seem to realize is the magnitude of the problem. If YOUR tax burden is a little higher, you may have to vacation in Florida this year instead of the South of France.

But if the dollar collapses, you may be searching for food in the street, amid gun fire, with everybody else, instead of going to Whole Foods or Trader Joes (because they were looted immediately).

Is that graphic enough for you to grasp?

THATS why its more important to pay down the deficit no matter WHO ran up the bill.

YOU are the sort who complains about paying for a fire department and then have no idea what to do when your house burns down.

I will answer your questions

and then please just answer my one question.

My full comp was 165k and change. I have eaten in a soup line. Grace church, Martin Dupours, and the zoup kitchen in the height hand I was a young adult. What does that have anything to do with it?

Never have I vacationed outside the USA in my life. If by vacation you mean go to a resort or some such place, never have been. My honey moon, took my wife to Orlando.

Each year I get two weeks off. One I visit my Mom in northern cal, the second I take at Christmas and spend at home with my family. I have a wife and two kids.

It is the state attempting to pay for a welfare warfare state that we cannot afford that will kill the dollar - not me paying more / less taxes.

The fire department isn't paid for by the Feds. It is funded through county, state taxes, and do see some federal funds which are really state tax being returned to the states .

So I answered all your questions - how much did you pay last year?

I also pay state income taxes and sales taxes, excuse taxes, property taxes all of which I get and pay and did not include since. I get services for those taxes or can avoid by changing my behavior.

So How much should I be able to keep of my money? What is "fair" in your view?


Liberty = Responsibility

My income or taxes will not be disclosed here. But I will tell

you I paid more in taxes than I earned 10 years ago. And I am a 55 year old MBA.

And I will also tell you I have taken three vacations this year. All more than two weeks and all in Europe.

I never claimed the fire department was paid for by Federal funds. The example obviously went over your head but was referencing the idea that nobody wants to pay to prevent a catastrope until it is too late.

The DEBT is the elephant in the room that you clearly cannot get your head around. If it is not paid down by someone, the dollar will collapse and we will suffer much more than we will by paying higher taxes.

You have no clue as to the magnitude we are talking about here. Fortunately Ron Paul does. Why don't you listen to him?

Only a fool

would believe that just because more taxes are collected DC would also cut spending. There is not been one step taken in my life time (45yrs)to cut spending yet, because you say it, I should believe that it will happen?

Maybe DC should get their spending under control for two years and then ask me to take more away from the children I, and ONLY I, will provide for.

Wont disclose your tax info? of course.

The fact is Mr high and mighty - your not paying your fair share. You are using sanctimonious BS to guilt others into feeling good about be being screwed.

The magnitude of the problem?

I get it. That is why no resort vacations for my family. I save in metals(G&S and B&L), stock up on food, and what I think will be productive assets in pinch while providing all the necessities for my family.

Mr two vacation - YOU do not understand the problem. The problem is you and you need to change, Sir.

Stop looking at others. When you are paying 50k in just federal burdens, even if it takes 3 jobs for you to get there, (since you alone understand the magnitude you should not mind) then come tell me I me I need to pay more.

Forgive the tone. I think get your anger. Your scared. You played in your life and do not have a family, and now are alone and realizing the future is bleak. The lovers of our youth disappear later and it is sad to be left in this lurch. I am sorry for your situation. You still have no right to demand anything form any other human being other than what they are willing to give voluntarily. I am not willing.

May you never fall victim to the violence you are advocating.


Liberty = Responsibility

Just as an aside - your hero Romney wouldn't disclose his exact

income or taxes either - but Forbes estimated his net worth to be $250 million. Do you suppose HE has to work three jobs to pay $50,000 in taxes too? And HE doesn't have a family?

Sorry, but I am used to conversing with people with BRAINS. I really don't know quite how to handle you.

You mean

"I am used to calling people names and making accusations to question their character when my logic fails. Since they do not have brains it works great".

Fixed it for you.

Jet guy I wish the best for you. May the future be good to you.

Your responses, you won't believe it, but they do paint good picture of who I am trying to have a dialogue with. I know it isn't easy brother but buckle down and stop putting any hope into the federal goverment fixing anything that faces our nation as a whole and/ or you as an individual.

They will drive this nation off the cliff and tell you to love them for it.

Romeny? Could never bring myself to vote for the idiot. Not even the hyper bole around the dear leader could bring me to do it.
Wont vote for any warmonger for any reason.


Liberty = Responsibility

My logic is great, idiot.

It has never failed me, and don't even pretend it did when the only errors have been made by YOU.

YOU FAILED when you jumped to a wild and half-assed conclusion about my family and playing around my life. I HAVE a family and was married 21 years. You were DEAD wrong on that and the relative importance of taxes versus paying off the debt.

Don't depend on Washington to fix the problem? More fantasy, like the one you have about my life. You still don't get that the DEBT is KILLING US. Who but Washington can fix that? Is it MY bank account? Are you expecting ME to pay the $16 trillion dollars. Or do you think I am begging from YOU (hardly).

Ever hear the expression "like talking to a wall"? Your complete and utter lack of comprehension is just like that.

egapele's picture

"Your hero Romney"

Wrong site. We're not at the Daily Romney.

You need to remind the guy I was responding to of that. Not me.

He's the Romney lover.

You are a complete idiot.

You wrote: "You played in your life and do not have a family, and now are alone and realizing the future is bleak."

I don't have a family? Tell that to my 35 year old son who is ALSO very successful in real estate. We own two companies together.

I would tell you to tell that to my other son too, but he is dead from a car accident at age 20. Are you happy?

I happen to also be divorced after 21 years of marriage, you brain-dead moron - but don't let facts sway you from jumping to conclusions.

You obviously are not bright enough to argue with. I have to write in an internet forum how much I make, and how much I pay in taxes, just because YOU are dumb enough to do it? Are you expecting me to bash my head into a WALL if you are dumb enought to do it too?

Somebody actually pays you $165,000? WHY?

You complain because you have to pay $65,000 and only get to keep $100,000. You don't want to pay $75,000 and only keep $90,000. What you don't understand is that if the dollar collapses your $100,000 or $90,000 wil be worthless. Not "worth less", but "worthless" meaning NO VALUE AT ALL. Do you GET IT!

And, excuse me, but I have been going to Europe twice a year for about ten years. If I needed to work three jobs to pay $50,000 in taxes - how would I ever find time to go to Europe three times THIS year? Do you think hotels and airfare are free? Try and connect the dots here fella. You obviously can't.

And I am NOT advocating violence - I am PREDICTING it WHEN (not if) the dollar collapses due to short sighted fools like you. Food will be gone from the stores and people will fight like dogs for what is left - JUST like it happened in the USSR during the collapse of 1991 - but much, much, bigger.

The state you won't save you

The state you won't save you Jetguy. Even if you steal more money from me it will not help. You are a fool if you think the federal government will do anything to stop the crash of the dollar.

Divorced ? Of course you are. It is all about you. You are so sure of yourself that you advocate violence carried out by the biggest organized gang the world has ever known.

I hope that you will stop looking to thugs of DC to save you....

Seriously - I hope for the best for you Jetguy. The anger isn't going to help you. Class warfare will not help you.

It is you that will help you and only me that will help me - that is why I need as much of what I earn. I know I am the only one that will provide for my kids.

Best wines


Liberty = Responsibility

You need to buy a dictionary.

Use some of that $100,000 that you have got left after some idiot has paid you $165,000. (For WHAT by the way? I have friends with a retarded daughter. She needs a job. Maybe she could do what you are doing?) Buy yourself a dictionary and look up the word "advocate", as in "advocate violence".

I am NOT advocating violence. I am PREDICTING IT.

When the Soviet Union fell the first thing the people did was raid grocery stores. There was food in the pipeline, in factories, on the farm. That food was left to rot where it was, unharvested, unprocessed or undelivered. People left there jobs because they knew they were not going to be paid in money that was worth anything. Instead they raided grocery stores and when that was gone, they raided armories (previously Soviets weren't allowed to have guns). Armed gangs took over the streets. There was nothing to eat and people began steeling food from others. THAT is the violence I am PREDICTING (not advocating).

As stupid as you are, I am amazed that you are married. But if you continue to work 65 hour weeks you won't be. You think you are providing for your kids by being an absentee parent? Well once again you prove yourself to be stupid.

Why in the world do you think I am looking to Washington DC to save me? As a successful real estate investor and businessman - do you think I am looking to Washington for a handout? Or to "steal money" (your words) from YOU? You will be begging from ME before I am begging from YOU.

Washington needs to pay off the $16 trillion debt to prevent the dollar from collapsing. (I can't do it alone.) So in addition to cutting spending on war and other things YOUR TAXES (and mine) HAVE TO GO UP. Its going to happen so get used to it.

As far as your cheap shots on my divorce - well WHEN (not if) it happens to you for working 65 hour weeks - remember them.

And by the way - if we have class warfare, which class do you think YOU will be in? At $165,000 you don't even come close to Romney's cut off for middle class of $250,000. You SURE aren't in the top 1% (the cut-off for that is $344,000 per year). So I hope you don't imagine yourself as "RICH", though with your high and mighty talk, it sounds to me like you do.

Sadly, a lot of people who have escaped lower middle class, fantasize and identify themselves as "RICH" and successful.

You aren't rich. You won't be running with, or enjoying the benefits of the big boys. You will be in the street, fighting along side the other members of the middle class.

Don't, in your wildest imagination, imagine yourself as part of the big boy club.


you continue to live in a fantasy world thinking that paying taxes will effect the debt deficit, then pay twice as much will so we can get it payed down! Those scumbags in congress have no intention of ever paying it back!
It's a monster that was created in 1913! It feeds of of us all! The only way to kill it is to stop feeding it...

When Fascism goes to sleep, it checks under the bed for Ron Paul!

Come on - this is so simple you should be able to get it.

Increasing taxes AND reducing spending are BOTH neccessary. Not one or the other.


You're clueless!

When Fascism goes to sleep, it checks under the bed for Ron Paul!

Anybody ever tell you that you have very little comprehension?

No? Then I will tell you its low.

That $77 billion dollar PROFIT was part of $85 billion paid in by the Treasury.

The Fed collects it. Takes $3 billion for operating expences. $5 billion for other things (its in a comment to the post).


Thats right. By law that $77 billion is returned to the same people who paid in $85 billion - so its basically a bookkeeping entry.

Sure the Fed makes that profit. But it doesn't get to KEEP that profit. By law it has to give most of it back to Treasury.

You STILL are clueless.

Read the comments.

Man why is the loser posted

Man why is the loser posted here. Who cares what he thinks...



Levin was removed from our local affiliate here in Cincy. No more Mark Levin! He was replaced by some weasel named Clark Howard who is a neocon financial consultant.

two words

fuck levin.