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Prime minister of Turkey suggests returning to gold standard

During his stay in Indonesia, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan brought up an interesting suggestion for the International Monetary Fund.

Stating that although IMF assistance may appear to be a prescription for some nations, in fact quite the opposite, the fund has often caused serious problems for countries in trouble, Erdoğan asks why it is that the fund uses dollars instead of gold.

Expressing that he doesn't feel it is right for the IMF to act according to one nation's currency, Erdoğan states, "The IMF extends aid on a who, where, how and on what conditions bases. For example, if the IMF is under the influence of any single currency then what, are they going rule the world based on the exchange rates of that particular currency?

Why do we not switch then to a monetary unit such as gold, which is at the very least an international constant and indicator which has maintained its honor throughout history. This is something to think about."


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Please don't fall for the

Please don't fall for the gold standard propaganda. That's probably the solution they will offer after it became obvious that our current fiat system doesn't work.
An international gold standard with a world currency managed by the IMF. So the IMF has full control over the money then. They will say it is backed by gold, but how can anybody know if they still have a currency monopoly? Nothing prevents them from printing money...

Our goal is competing currencies and letting the free market work!

This and the pack between Israel and Greece may set off WW3

The banksters behind the Greek debt crisis and the creation of the secular Israeli state don't want anyone going back to gold.

And then there is this too..




The political scene

The political scene in all these countries are under the thumb of the international Jew.

This is the tragedy.

Luke 3:38
Isaiah 43:3-5

Careful what you say dude ...

Suggesting things like that might get you bombed or invaded. Ask Moammar. Oops! No, I guess you can't anymore.