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RP's 'In Praise of Price Gouging' gasoline was great. But I need help with a free market rebuttal.

Had great thumbs on my share of RP's recent statement about gasoline price gouging.

A reply from a friend:

The price of gas changes with a forcast of 'storm ridden finery damage'...a tornado in Bangladesh etc...basically the price rises as a result of greedy Wall Sreet Market speculators. The reasons are comical but the bottom line is when the price reaches a level of hurt to the middle class then the oil industry backs off....simple ?...Why are we still driving autos with engines that have the same basic technology[4-clycle] from 1910???


I can agree to some degree with what he says. I feel he might be atleast 50% right on his assesment of high gas prices and I definitely agree that patents on more efficient engines have been tucked away. I do think he is missing the point though. Sure, oil companys can collude to fix prices amongst themselves, I don't know if this is happening or not. Probably is. But surely price gouging has nothing to do with "Wall St. speculators," no (?)

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One Reply Would Be...

...to price oil in "real money" (e.g. gold or silver), as opposed to money that can be debased. The price has been very stable over the years. I think that's a powerful counter-argument to the whole "speculators and greedy oil companies" argument.




That is my reply too, since oil is basically the physical backing of The Dollar Hegemony, they are linked, or the word that may help is the word "pegged".

Anyone who does not understand they dynamics of World Reserve Currency Power, which is a criminal power, is bound to misunderstand world events, and that can cause a very serious confusion concerning what would happen without that World Reserve Currency Criminal Power in place.

If legalized money, such as the dollar, euro, pound, yen, yuan, etc., were allowed to compete in a world wide open free market, then the best money, not the worst money, would gain the most market share.

Something has to explain the fact that the worst money remains to be the dominant money, and the explanations can be confusing, complicated, and a lot of willfully invented nonsense, so as to cover up the real reason.

The real reason is that the practice of fraud on a National level is the norm for our time, human time stretching back at least to the time of the Egyptians when they began issuing receipts for grain deposited in a granary, and that was money. So the frauds get the idea of producing receipts for nothing and they don't tell anyone about it, so the victims of the fraud are led to believe that the deposit tickets they get for a deposit of grain is worth the amount of grain they deposited, but the frauds are getting away with half the value of the ticket when the double the number of tickets, which is actually very easy math.

The fraud is called counterfeiting.

That counterfeiting fraud is a Legal NORM for each Nation State currently operating, so the Free Market where the worst money wins, is this Legal Counterfeiting Race to the Bottom, to see which country can gouge their own population the "best", and the "best" money is the place where the counterfeiters figure out how to conduct Aggressive Wars for Profit, and steal control over all the natural resources, like oil, so that their victims, the victims of the money fraud, can produce more things worth stealing.

I know that I said that the complicated, confusing explanations are false, but the true explanations can't be too simple either.

The best way to convey the true measure of the difference between the lies and the fact concerning Free Market Legal Money is to ask what would actually happen if a state the size of Texas was allowed to run a State Bank backed by Gold, Silver, Oil, Water, Electricity, and Real Estate, or just backed by Gold alone to begin the thought process.

Before moving on with a few more words on that path the skeptics may want to look at these two links and look carefully, with enough interest to understand the significance of the information uncovered in these links:



There is a third study done on Wall Street backing Roosevelt, also by Anthony Sutton.

So...when someone says Wall Street and then they say "speculators" they are confusing two things just like confusing honest money with fraud money.

Like this:

Confusing the two things is what causes the confusion:

1. Wall Street Criminals and Fraud Money
2. Speculators who are not criminals and honest money

If those things are confused, as it happens, the criminals are blamed for nothing, while the speculators and honest money is blamed for everything.

So confusing what the criminals are doing, once the criminals take over the power of law, at the National level, with what non-criminals are doing, such as speculating, is something done by people who are confused, and it may be a good idea to know that the criminal do not confuse the two, since they use those legal counterfeiting frauds, that are currently happening world wide right now, to victimize many confused people.

The criminals do not allow honest money to gain currency on a massive scale that threatens their dominance in POWER to PURCHASE.

All a person has to do is look into The Liberty Dollar or the E-Gold examples to begin to see what happens to any effort by any producer of honest money to get more market share taken from the frauds.

So, back to the concept of a State the size of Texas, or even better a combination of States such as Texas, Utah, Arizona, California, Montana, Missouri, and throw in North Carolina for good measure, and imagine what would happen of all of those States began to legalized a competitive honest money Banking OPTION, for anyone, anywhere, in direct competition with Switzerland.

That focuses attention onto Switzerland, which proves the point.

Those very rich people don't use Fraud Money, they Bank in safe places, not in "their" banks, that are "for public consumption".

So what happens to the price of Oil in Texas, Utah, Arizona, California, Montana, Missouri, and North Carolina where their economies are employing honest money, and now you can compare that concept against the rest of the States in this Nation State Consolidated "Federal" Government.

Texas has oil, so they can use back their money with that oil, and use that oil to buy gold from Utah, since Utah has gold, and each person in each State would keep more of their earnings each week, because their earnings are no longer taken by Legalized Fraud, so they may start investing in Solar Panels whereby they make their own fuel at home, and in California there is a new car manufacturer making Electric Cars, so if Texas Oil prices start to rise, as Electricity Prices are falling, then Cars running on Oil grow to be too expensive to drive compared to the California made Electric cars.

What is that?

That is speculating.

Buying an electric car now, and buying the Solar Panels to fuel the electric car now is speculating on the future situation where oil prices will no longer be subsidized with money borrowed from China, spent on Military Hardware, used to take over the control of oil in the Middle East, so as to keep Oil Scarce, so as to jack up the price of oil world wide, and so as to maintain control of the most Powerful Fraud Money currently called The Dollar Hegemony, and the story becomes even worse, because the worst people are now getting ready to make China the new World Reserve Currency Fraud Power, so they are raiding, as in Corporate Raiding, U.S.A. and they will make U.S.A. the loser in World War III, just as they made Germany and Japan the losers in World War II, so as to move the World Reserve Currency Power from England to U.S.A.

So, no, it is not "speculators" that are honest good people trying to figure out how to make life better, at the expense of no one, unless non-competitors who produce non-competitive stuff is considers to be "taken advantage of" as "speculators" choose the better things instead of the worse things produced, so it is not actual speculators that are price gouging, it is Monopolists who are criminals, who take over governments, who CRUSH competition by resort to deceit, threats of violence, and very terrifying, horrible, torturous, and mass murderous violence, who can be held accurately accountable for "price gouging" and all someone has to do is follow the fraud money to the source of it to find the culprits who are then caught red handed.


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