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Lawrence O'Donnell just did a snarky rewrite on Rand Paul

I don't think he sends out all of his show clips, so if someone can stay up for his second show and put it up. It's on his Re-write segment.
He said Rand is more liberal than the most liberal Democrats. O'Donnell is trying to make sure no Republicans will vote for him and said he will never win just like his dad. I smelled a little fear. He brought up saying Rand would have never voted for the Civil Rights Act...something he loved to point out about Ron Paul.

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I saw it. They must see him

I saw it. They must see him as a threat to their beloved democrats or they would not be talking about him.

This is the same tactic used

This is the same tactic used by Dick Morris against Ron - doing mental backflips to associate him with the far left.

People will eventually see through this.

The best way to combat it is to just go along with it.

"Rand Paul is a classical liberal."

Only the acceptance of the truth can defeat systemic evil.