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Cartoon: Electing the next president... Is that what we really want to fight for? 3 reasons why not.

I commissioned this political cartoon with the hope of illustrating why we should focus on the PERMANENT victory of redefining the presidency rather than electing the next one; I hope you'll enjoy:


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To start off, here are 3 of many reasons I believe this is the right course for us to take:

1. I have only seen one candidate intent on reducing his own power as president. The one who brought us all together. Ron Paul.

2. Ron Paul has said many times that we should be focused on issues and ideas. I believe this is a more powerful concept than we may yet realize. We can make the power of the office of President our issue and our campaign instead of who will occupy that office.

3. We are not the only ones who see the dangers of too much presidential power. This is a unifying issue. We could be standing side by side with more people and thus have a greater chance of success if we pursue top priority, imminent danger issues like the power of the Presidency.

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Good morning


Great idea!

Great idea!


I hope this idea will someday come to the fore.


Because this is worth pursuing.


The cartoon and the idea!*****

Thank you!


Thanks for the up votes!

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