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Run for City Council

I'm interested in running for city council in my city of residence. I've been a long time Ron Paul follower and spread his message as best as I can. I'd like to influence more people and this may be the way. How would a libertarian candidate run a city? I know how Dr. Paul speaks at a federal level but what about at the city level? I'd like to start building my platform and my ideas. 2014 would be the next opportunity to run for a position. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks again.

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You guys are awesome! Thanks

You guys are awesome! Thanks for the advice thus far. To be clear, I'm a registered Republican but plan on running on libertarian ideas. I'd like to focus on a couple of issues and use these to run on. Opening up competition between trash companies is a great idea and something I can use. I'd like to gather a few other points. Our city has an animal shelter, library system, and a trail system that is all managed by the city. Any other ideas of things to privatize? I'd like to work on smaller issues and work up to the biggest ones. I understand that privatizing or creating a volunteer fire department would probably be something that would take time.

Where will the government get the money to pay your salary?

Its tempting to join the mafia since thats where the money and power is but do you want to join the mafia? Do you think you can change the government by joining it?

What about working to make

What about working to make sure city government pay is in line with resident wages? For example, the Mayor's salary equal to the median resident salary? My goal would be to join governement and then shrink it.

HA, imagine if the Doc had

HA, imagine if the Doc had followed your advice some 40 years ago...

Sorry the LP is not the way to go.

I would join one of the two parties. If you're in a city, most likely you'll need to join the dems in order to win.

Regardless of which party you join, never compromise your principles! Become a county committeeman or precinct leader w/in the party. Get the party's endorsement so you have an easy primary win. If possible get your friends to also become county committeemen in the same party.

Good luck!

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I don't think he was referring to the Libertarian Party

Since he used a small "l", it appears he was describing his political philosophy.

Ron Paul - Honorary Founding Father

building a network

I live in Polk County Fl and I am also looking into a local run or a State level legislature run....I researched the money raised by even local / county officials and was somewhat shocked at the amount of money raised by these folks. And it came from awkward places...Some local County Commissioner candidates have raised nearly $100k. I have a meeting on Thursday to be elected a Committeeman for my local precinct (116)...and plan to just get involved. Meet as many people as I can. Talk to them....listen to them. Just get involved at the most basic ground level and build a foundation. I am going to start a FB page for my precinct to follow and I will knock on the door of EVERY registered voter in my precinct and I will work to register voters as well. Build a base. Help people want to be involved. Show them the PLUS side of being free...find me on FB (tommy rogers)


Try to get a corporation to fund your campaign

By offering to introduce focused legislation.

Eg, trash companies usually pretty much have a monopoly. Find closest competitor and tell him how you are going to bring competition back by ending trash contract w the city, etc...

Put your intention out there and you will meet right people. Envision yourself running and winning. =)

I like your door knocking strategy which has worked well in my city.

Join county central committee

Then buy the highest ranked campaign book on amazon and follow it letter by letter.

ding ding



nice thread I also want to run

For city council, lets keep each other posted on info we find.


We are trying to run a slate of 4 city council candidates next election for 4 different seats. We have some experience from some friends who have ran. It is a matter of being involved in the community and attending every event, getting all friends out to vote and being creative with the help of the energized ron paulers locally.

Bookmarking this site for future updates on our progress.

Try and privatize the

Try and privatize the government.... sell the buildings, privatize the schools, privatize water district, reduce taxes, eliminate regulations, etc

Government = bad

Eliminating government = good

Legalize competition..... government = monopolies = no competition.

Eliminate monopolies, sell the government

If there must be a government, the only role is to protect life, liberty, and property.

We need a society with no coercion. Nobody has the right to force property, in any form, from another group and transfer it to themselves.

I would recommend reading the Law by Bastiat before running.

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Copy successful libertarians

You might begin with an Internet search for libertarians who are already on city councils around the U.S. and contact them to learn what campaign strategies and platforms they used to get on their councils.

Ron Paul - Honorary Founding Father

Then when you find there are none

Register democrat or republican, depending on which way your city votes to guarantee a chance in election.

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Note that I used small "l"

I wasn't thinking of the Libertarian Party but of those with the libertarian philosophy.

Ron Paul - Honorary Founding Father