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New petition that should exist

Hey guys! So I don't have a whitehouse.gov site, so I can't make these petitions, but with all of the state secession petitions going on and being reported in the news, there is going to be much higher traffic in that site over the next week or two.

Let's make petitions to advance liberty ideas or practices then!

Instead of secession, start a petitiont to return to the gold standard, adopt Austrian economics, end foreign wars etc. Just reading these ideas, even if they don't at first agree with them, will get the idea planted in people's heads.

And personally, here's a petition that I might just make an account to sign if anyone would start it.

"We petition President Obama to debate Ron Paul on matters concerning the economy, foreign policy, and civil liberties."

How many signatures do you think that'd get? And what would their response be I wonder?

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How about a Presidential

How about a Presidential pardon of anyone serving time in a federal penitentiary solely for drugs. For those serving time on drug and non-drug charges, commuting the sentence of the drug only offenses.


I made one:

It was along the lines of state secession, but it was for my personal secession:


I created

this one.


"Endless money forms the sinews of war." - Cicero, www.freedomshift.blogspot.com


Forgot that one=)