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Doug Wead: Rand Paul for President - 2016

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For Republicans, there is a silver lining to the re-election of Barack Obama. The door is now open for real change in 2016. The recently adopted Romney Rules at the RNC, which would have locked out any true democratic participation and guaranteed eight more years of GOP establishment, top-down, Brahman-style, domination, are now moot. The gate is open.

The change that will be debated in the next presidential election will not be about tax percentages, or troop withdrawal timetables, or welfare for Big Bird, or who should be the next chairman of the Federal Reserve. The change that will be debated will be about fundamentals, about monetary policy, about the philosophical underpinnings of our foreign policy, about the relevancy of the American constitution and where we are headed as a people.

It will not be the red team against the blue team, espousing the same things in different degrees, rather it will be about real differences.

Should the Federal Reserved continue to operate in secret, manipulating the monetary system be creating wealth for its own board members and their corporate cronies, robbing the poor and the middle class? Or should its work be transparent and accountable? Remember, 80% now want the FED audited, it was not even mentioned by either candidate.

For the first time since it began, the housing collapse, which so devastated the wealth of the middle class, may actually be addressed.

Corruption on Wall Street, K Street and in the corridors of Capitol Hill will become issues.

One man can guarantee this discussion.

After three elections in which winning candidates have promised to end nation building there is a potential president who might actually do it, bring home our soldiers to guard our own borders instead of the borders of Pakistan and Afghanistan. For the first time, finally bring home our troops from Germany and Japan where since World War II they have been stationed, pumping their money into local economies, while America descends into the economic toilet.

One man can stop the wars without end.

One man will champion civil liberties, reverse the fast paced trend toward ever more powerful, centralized government, that dictates what our children think, what we wear and eat and how we flush our toilets. One man will raise the issue of how government is relentlessly trying to snuff out our conversation online.

One man , an accomplished doctor from a family of doctors, born and raised and tutored in liberty, has both the character and the political skill and fundraising base to get elected. And that one man is Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky.

Oh yes, I know, Liberty fans, he endorsed Mitt Romney for president. Too early for some of us. But then that is exactly why he is now positioned to actually win the 2016 GOP nomination and the presidency. Because a Rand Paul campaign would be inclusive and supportive and generous in spirit. And to win it he will need all the support he can get.

This is the lesson of this past election. If Romney and those recalcitrant GOP bosses didn’t need us in 2008, we will need them in 2016. And we will have to forgive them and honor them and cherish them.

... Later in the article, my favorite quote ...

"The point is this, our dream is still alive. And in a way, it is still in our hands. And now there is a very real chance of victory. Now the real work begins. If this country is to have another rebirth it is up to us. Ron Paul will either be forgotten, a name swept away in history like Autumn leaves blowing across a lawn, or his statues will stand in public parks, as the father of a reborn nation and the father of our most popular president."

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There is still another chance for Rand in my heart..

I will conceed that I am not perfect and I will not measure another man to a standard I am unable to meet. However, Rand is going to need to work real hard and reach out to many like myself to regain my trust and respect. Endorsing Romney like he did, lost my trust in him..but that dosnt mean he can't earn it back. Its up to you Rand..how hard will you work to reach out to those of us you hurt?

$20 says Ron endorses Rand for 2016.

Good enough for me.

if thomas jefferson came back and

endorsed him i still wouldn't care for him, or trust him, or be able to get engaged in a rand 2016.
surely the liberty movement can do better?

besides i'm no ageist and still say RON PAUL 2016

Maybe Rand should try to mend the rift he created .

I like Wead, trust him more than Benson or Moore. However, I still do not trust Rand. If Rand was "playing politics" to win GOP support, maybe he could "play politics" and try to win back the support of the the people who supported his father.
I seriously doubt Rand can win my support, but he could TRY.
How about it, Rand? How about you write an article for publication here at the DP? Prove that you know where your "base" hangs out.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

I'm not even sure about Wead

I'm not even sure about Wead anymore.

No way. Done with these two

No way. Done with these two parties forever.


Only those within the party ignorant of our message can truly be brought to the light of liberty. The party "bosses", the corrupt through and through, must be exposed through the message of the liberty movement reaching the masses of the party. We will have to do this without the help of the press.

As for embracing the corrupt, the party "bosses" you can count on being stabbed in the back. The cheaters, the criminals, and enemies of the Constitution and basic fairplay are of no use to me. Maybe Doug thinks these types are "just a little pregnant" with this evil. I tend to think those that participated an supported crimes against the people should be dealt with to the fullest extend of the law under the Constitution and charged as such.
No more backroom deals. They must go.

I like Doug but what are we going to do about the RNC rules now?
Everyone is essentially locked out now with the rule changes. I do not see that changing without a big effort from us by 2014 to have any hope for 2016.

Rand will not soon be trusted. He sacrificed a little freedom in exchange for a little security with the wrong people. He should probably hang with Jesse Benton for a while longer and watch what happens to his support as they distance themselves from the message and ethics of the Ron Paul.

I for one will not be flocking to Rand or Mitch McConnell soon. Rand is lucky. He is young. He has plenty of time to work on principle and humility and maybe sometime in the future redemption. One thing for sure with his actions is he will have to earned it. More than just the leadership sacrificed much to get Ron to Tampa. The greatest grassroots movement of modern political history did not take well to apparent self-servers as the battle we had all prepared for drew near, regardless of their last name.

I personally will not forget soon what happened to us before and during Tampa and Rand's roll in it.

I'll be watching and wishing and hoping for the best and sleeping with one eye open...

“Any man who thinks he can be happy and prosperous by letting the government take care of him better take a closer look at the American Indian.” ― Henry Ford.

I respect your opinion, but

I respect your opinion, but disagree. So does Doug. And, so does Ron.

Amen Doug Wead!

My favorite quote:

"In some respects, we are the weak link. We in the Liberty Movement will have to decide whether we are willing to become more than theorists but also successful, winning, political activists. Some of the debates will get scary as our candidate may decide that we need to cut our military bases from 900 to 75, instead of zero. He will be backing us away from the abyss, on his own timetable and it may be too rapid for the general public and not enough for some of us."

Actually I think its

Actually I think its this:

"The point is this, our dream is still alive. And in a way, it is still in our hands. And now there is a very real chance of victory. Now the real work begins. If this country is to have another rebirth it is up to us. Ron Paul will either be forgotten, a name swept away in history like Autumn leaves blowing across a lawn, or his statues will stand in public parks, as the father of a reborn nation and the father of our most popular president."

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Ron Paul's name will NEVER...

be forgotten!

But Doug Wead's name will die long before Doug Wead does.

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.