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Attention Las Vegas! Leaked Email Says Neocons Are Planning On Flooding A Meeting To Vote Out Our People

Just linking to this post on reddit:


It reads:

I need all of you to cancel whatever you are doing tomorrow Wednesday at 6pm and come to the Silverton Hotel and Casino at the Veil Pavilion and attend the Clark County Republican Party committee meeting. Why? Because WE JUST HAD AN EMAIL LEAKED FROM ONE OF THE NEOCON GROUPS THAT IS PLANNING ON FLOODING THE MEETING WITH THEIR PEOPLE TO VOTE OUT OUR PEOPLE FROM KEY POSITIONS WITHIN THE CLARK COUNTY REPUBLICAN PARTY!!!!!! We need Vote Power! Please message me if you're showing up so i can receive you and walk you through what to vote for. If you're not registered we can register you right there and ten, just come!

Change can't happen without sacrifice and putting the right people in the right positions is the key to enact change. Please do not take this for granted!!!

Also, please spread these news around so we can get as many as possible!!

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hate to dig this up to confuse people but I can't help myself... what happened?

I would like to know what happened too, Any Video?

I have just stumbled across this post now.

I hope enough saw this or got the word some other way to ensure representation of the Ron Paul Revolution was big enough to defeat the ignorant neocons!

Please tell me it was so?

Hope this helps

I was there, I'm new to meetings and since I just moved here, this was my first CCRP meeting. There were two main subjects to deal with last night. The first was the elections. There were four elected positions up for election. Then there was a large rules change that affected several areas of the rules and needed 2/3rds vote to amend.

When I got there, I talked to some people about not knowing who is who and that hopefully I could get seated by some Ron Paul supporters. I was assured that it was a very friendly crowd tonight. In fact, there were lots of young faces there. Since I'm new, I did not have voting rights until January. I was told by some people that a lot of things are resolved by voice vote, so I'm glad I was there.

Keep in mind that the CCRP is so firmly Ron Paul supporters that they swept the elected board positions and got many favorable changes made. What was refreshing was to see how this change has actually made things more fair to all. Prior to the official start of the meeting, the Sergeant-at Arms Richard Meyer gave a brief explanation of Robert's Rules and which terms to use and when they are properly used. I feel that gives new people a better sense of what would be going on and ensures everyone is on the same page about how to use the Rules.

In our chairs we found two pieces of paper. A conservative slate and a second piece of paper that only had one name for each elected position. I'm new here, but I'm pretty sure the conservative slate was ours since it carried so many endorsements from e-board members and we had 2/3rds control of the e-board. Also, as each candidate spoke, I detected statism in the speeches of those candidates from the small paper. They spoke of education being last here in Nevada and putting aside our differences (establishment-speak for "you Paulites need to get on our train"). Neither of them won, but it did come down to a run-off election. I wish I could say for certainty what this means but I felt pretty good about the outcome. Richard Meyer won one of the positions.

The second major issue was a rules change that was being presented as a package. It changed like 5 different areas of the rules. It needed 2/3rds vote to pass. After listening to the explanation, it appears that it's passage would reduce the concentration of power from being in a few hands to more hands. Also, it meant that committees could only be appointed by elected leaders as opposed to some committee appointments being made by non-elected members of the leadership. There was some Q&A and at one point, a man spoke about the ability of state law to over-ride party by-laws, etc., A lot of people felt that he was trying to filibuster or up to some shenanigans. A personal point of information was made questioning the motives of the last speaker. Then a vote was cast to end discussion and to move forward with the vote. The measure passed 187-70 after abstentions were excluded and "no" votes were measured. After that, someone motioned for adjournment, it was seconded multiple times and then passed. Meeting over.

I really thought that there was going to be some shenanigans pulled beyond what happened. I thought they were going to try and get some people removed from elected positions but there weren't any recalls, etc.



wow thatt was a [pretty vivid description. I had a picture of the entire meeting in my head!! I will bet the other side was having some secret covert meeting in the back room of a dennys or cracker barrel somewhere close by- since you said the crowd looked mostly happy and things went well!!lol
thanks for your post!

"OH NO! He has a SON?" Neoconservatives and Liberals EVERYWHERE!

Rand Paul 2016

Thank you & congrats on your involvement!!!


"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know Peace." - Jimi Hendrix

The neocons were not even

The neocons were not even noticeable. I'm curious to know how many showed up to their secret meeting. I'm telling you that for as boring a turnout as many areas have during prime election season, the numbers have to be way low in the off-season. This is a great time to take over. Many of the neocons will be in hibernation for about a year. Strike the beast while it sleeps!



this is what gets people motivated. (and i would edit that post a couple down.)

Bump for Front Page and PDQ!

The meeting has already started! Any further info you can give us, Shawker?

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Anyone who is here, please

Anyone who is here, please call me. I need help knowing who to help. Call me ***-****


Good Job, nice that is was leaked

Go patriots. We are the future.

Get on the Horn

call all friends of liberty!! the neocons have not gotten the message yet, they need another ass kicking before they might get it.


And thank you to the OP!


Go Nevada!

go nevada

they may have won the battle but we will win the war.

Bump for Nevada.


Ditto Bump & good luck!

can't wait to hear a report!

"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know Peace." - Jimi Hendrix