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White House Forced to Confront State Petitions to Secede?

The White House website has been bombarded with petitions that have mushroomed to all 50 states moving to secede. The first petition came in from Louisiana the day after Obama's re-election, and since then a chorus of others have issued their grievances.

Now, under White House rules stated in its "We the People" program, if 25,000 people sign on by December 7th, a response must be issued. Just a few days after submitting, that number has been reached by the petitions from Texas, North Carolina, Louisiana, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, and Tennessee -- with Texas closing in on 100,000.


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50 states down...

50 states down and only 7 more to go!


I'm sure Obama is thinking that anyway...


Perhaps he trying to comfort himself that there are still some states left that don't want to leave.

I wonder if he can name them?

Can someone explain to me - So what?

1. Why re there signatures from all over the country on my state's petition?
2. So what if the White House "responds?" I am sure we will all be told how seriously they take the matter, and thank us for putting our name on their list voluntarily. OK, probably not that last part. Perhaps they will tell you they will let you secede if you send them $1000.

Am I the only one who feels like this is sort of baloney? I am all in favor of peaceful r3volution, and if a "bloodless coup" can restore liberty and justice, that would be awesome. But I have my doubts about begging the master for my liberty. Can anyone point me to a success story of a gutless coup?

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.


Many citizens do not understand the procedure to actually secede. This is more of a way to express frustration than an actual attempt to secede.

As far as the other petitions on that site go, responses from the White House are typically to 'tell' us why our petitions will not be honored. It is basically a farce to even have the petition site when tptb don't abide by our wishes. It was a method to 'convince' citizens that the administration promotes transparency and let your voice be heard.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul