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who were those that were in

who were those that were in the homes?

John Dion Longworth

Was a victim of the Indiana home explosions.

He was a genius and developed wireless electric plasma lights.
Plasma lights use a Radio Frequency power supply that converts Electrical power to Radio Frequency (RF) power.
Energy savings of up to 70%.



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The feds

NEVER want truth to get out there,and now that the feds have entered the scene, we will most likely NEVER know the truth, and whatever hog wash they tell us, will surely be just that...Hog Wash!

" In Thee O Lord do I put my trust " ~ Psalm 31:1~


It wasn't a drone strike....
Are you all serious? You think the US Gov't dropped a missile on a house in the middle city to kill a teacher and some tech. guy????

A large explosion in the middle of a large population, late at night that created a huge panic, post 9/11 is going to result in the feds being called...
When every current event is a Gov't conspiracy you all lose what little credibility you had to begin with. Stick to 9/11.

Why do I get the feeling

that you endorse the "official story" of 9/11?

Could be a possibility...

A candlelight vigil was held Sunday night at the school where Jennifer Longworth teaches. Her husband's employer, consumer electronics company Indy Audio Labs, issued a statement Monday saying it was "saddened by the loss."

Maybe the husband was working on some nifty electronic gizmo that would perhaps tip the battle for freedom in favor of the people?

From Indy's website:
Phone: (866) 559-5113

Video Purity:

This same philosophy applies to our video delivery technologies. HD video places unprecedented demands on video circuitry that so-called “high-end companies” often are simply not capable of meeting with their own designs. Our engineering team has had years of experience in developing HD video products and deliver the benefits to you so that you can appreciate all the nuances and colors in your Blu-Ray, internet, gaming, or broadcast HD video sources. We partner with industry-leaders in video processor design and video software.

Digital Mastery:

It takes great care to successfully integrate bleeding-edge digital technologies into the highest-performance AV equipment. Some of our competitors avoid this task altogether, insisting that digital and analog circuits must be separated as if digital were “a fad” that high-end products should avoid. For us, digital technologies are the way modern media originates. To preserve the bitstream as accurately as possible throughout the signal chain allows us the unprecedented opportunity of effectively transporting the listener back to the original analog performance with nearly imperceptible degradation. In addition to our in-house talent in digital signal processing, we work closely with some of the best technology partners in the industry to deliver surround decoding, signal routing, video connectivity and control that is best-in-it’s-class.

It's possible the husband perhaps found something out and was considering going public. This is all big brother type stuff he was working on.

My spider-sense is tingling again...

Call the sheriff

demand that he boot the feds and performs an investigation.

If Indiana was an anti-NDAA state that would make the case for him/her doing so. If it's a drone it will be covered up by the FEDs - if the FEDs have closed off the area then there's no chance you're ever going to find out what really happened.

I am admin of one of the Oath

I am admin of one of the Oath Keepers groups on facebook. According to one of our members, who is a firefighter, he said the damage looked like bomb damage. He didn't speculate where that bomb may have come from but did say that it didn't look like gas explosion damage or a meth lab having blown up.

Blessings )o(

this is more and more . . .

confusing and disturbing.

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

That explosion looks from center out.

It also looks like there is a small crater and that the blast was slightly directed from one side toward the other. All of that is possible, I would imagine, with a gas leak.. That would have to be one major ass leak, I think, though.

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Something that might help us

Something that might help us figure out if there are any shenanigans is: who lived in those houses?

Hmmm, apparently witnesses

Hmmm, apparently witnesses say their daughter smelled a strange smell for weeks before the blast...


Uh, oh. If true, the

Uh, oh. If true, the government better not let this incident become widespread even as a rumor. America's battlefield will make Afghanistan look like a child's playground.

This is incredible.

Not a gas main leak, but likely a gas explosion, but not a gas appliance - then what? Anybody else confused?

Indianapolis Homeland Security Director Gary Coons made the announcement after the National Transportation Safety Board said investigators had found no leaks in the gas main or pipes leading into the house that exploded.


Schreiber said that with explosions involving solids such as dynamite, the center of the blast is tightly concentrated, creating a crater. Explosions caused by flammable gas are typically spread out over a wide area, such as throughout the interior of a building filled with leaking gas, he said.

"If the investigators don't find a crater, that pretty much means it was something other than a solid phase explosion," he said, meaning it's likely to be a gas explosion. But he also said such investigations can still take time.


"To get a house to fill up with gas would take a pretty major leak. It would be more than just a pilot light that went out and the gas continued to flow," Erickson said.

The head of a company that does furnace repairs in Indianapolis said the blast's size made it unlikely that it had been caused by a leaking appliance.

"One hell of a lot of gas had to be leaking out ... and that's typically not symptomatic of a furnace problem," said Sergei Traycoff, president of Bolls Heating and Cooling. "I've never heard of one causing this big a blast."


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who were the people who died?

who were the people who died?


Greenwood Community Schools Superintendent David Edds said Jennifer Longworth had taught at Southwest Elementary School for 12 years. Her husband had worked at Indy Audio Labs for 10 years and was director of product development and technology, according to the company.


The law cannot make a wicked person virtuous…God’s grace alone can accomplish such a thing.
Ron Paul - The Revolution

Setting a good example is a far better way to spread ideals than through force of arms. Ron Paul


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I have been at more than a few fire damaged homes from gas fires

Something is up here, usually the local fire inspectors come in, insurance adjusters and insurance inspectors, but the article says: "Federal officials were on the scene quickly. They took over the case and shut down the perimeter to outsiders". That's not standard procedure. That describes a crime scene.

Indeed, the quarantine and

Indeed, the quarantine and confiscation of evidence is highly reminiscent of 9/11. Personally, I'd look closely at the available evidence and largely ignore personal testimony if it contradicts physical evidence.

I'm no expert on this but...

After comparing damage from several different photos of various damage caused by gas explosions and bomb explosions, it seems more likely that this was caused by a gas explosion at first sight.

Here is the aerial photo provided at the linked site: http://silverunderground.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/indi...

Notice the large amount of black residue left on all the surfaces - mostly - by the incomplete combustion of the potential gas. This is common of natural gas explosions. Here are a few pictures of damage from confirmed natural gas explosions:




On the other hand, humans tend to design efficient explosives where combustion is nearly complete. As a result, residue left behind after a bomb blast is largely due to the burning of material after the bomb material has already been consumed by the explosion. Sites that have been bombed tend to have considerably less residue. Here are some pictures of bomb damage:




Like I said, I am no expert on this, but the images seem to be more consistent with a natural gas explosion in my opinion.

good research

I'd like to compare photos of known drone missile hits to this now

RP R3VOLution

Another explanation

The neighbors account says that the buildings were still on fire when he went out to see what happened. The fire could have caused the carbon stain.

That is something that can be investigated by...

looking at surfaces that were interior to the home and comparing them to surfaces that were exterior but essentially in the same location. If there is a distinct difference between the residue on these surfaces, it would suggest a gas explosion. If on the other hand the surfaces display a similar amount, it would suggest the residue was caused by fire that persisted after the explosion.

For instance, since pieces of sheet rock can be assumed to have fallen in random orientations after the explosion, if it is found that this debris only has residue on the interior surfaces - independent of how they came to rest - the residue was likely caused by the explosion.

How did this turn into a

How did this turn into a federal crime scene? What enabled them to take it out of the hands of local law enforcement?


A large explosion + in the

A large explosion + in the middle of the night + in the middle of a large city + that created a huge panic + post 9/11 = phone call to the feds.

A sheriff

who's not doing his job and is accepting federal funds.



it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

Well obviously .. this was the work of 19 gas line employees ..

.. from Saudi ... I mean Afghanistan ..

They hijacked a naval destroyer, drove it through downtown Indianapolis in the dark of night, and rammed it into the neighborhood.

Both O'Reilly AND Chris Matthews said so on TV. I mean, the sources were official.

Also everybody else I know is pretty much saying the same thing.

That's enough for me. Open and shut case right there.


Liberty-minded folks definitely should be discussing this and demanding answers - while the sheeple yawn and turn the channel.

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I don't buy it, yet

I'm not an expert on anything, but the explosions seemed to be pretty much 360 degrees, with the majority of the force towards the rear of the homes. If a missile hit at an angle, I would suspect we would see a much more focused explosion? And, if the bombs were dropped straight down, wouldn't there be actual craters?

I don't know, but a gas explosions seems more plausible.

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