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Legislators in Rhode Island and Maine To Introduce Recreational Marijuana Legalization Bills Tomorrow

Mike Riggs | Nov. 14, 2012

Reason: State legislators in Rhode Island and Maine will announce bills tomorrow to legalize recreational marijuana, a spokesperson for the Marijuana Policy Project announced today.

Rhode Island Rep. Edith Ajello and Maine Rep. Diane Russell will hold a conference call tomorrow with the Marijuana Policy Project to announce the legislation.

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I'm busy in class right now,

I'm busy in class right now, but the OP post should really be edited to include ways of contacting the legislature


I emailed my congressman (WV)

I emailed my congressman (WV) two years ago telling him to legalize cannabis/hemp in our state in order to get ahead of the curve, because our nation is obviously going in that direction, and it would increase tourism and production revenue for the state. Unfortunately, my message was ignored.

The Feds will prob step in

Doesn't the CIA fund its operations partly through drug money?


but mostly with cocaine and heroin. The states and localities get big chunks of their budgets through asset forfeiture, fines, WoD federal grant money.

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Thanks for posting my friend.

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This Ones For You Tom!!

....and you're welcome brother in liberty...


It's about time some state legislators get a little moxy.