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So much for Scalias's "Right to Bear Arms" interpretation of the Constitution

Justice Scalia's interpretation of the 2nd Amendment left a big loophole through which Rahm Emanuel took the opportunity to not let a good crisis go to waste -- AGAIN. Thank you Tony for your progressive's interpretation of the Constitution. After all it is only a piece of paper and it only means whatever satisfies the Court's agenda at the time. What is Tony's interpretation -- crony jurisprudence maybe?

A controversial "violence tax" on guns in the Chicago area was approved Friday by Cook County commissioners, NBCChicago.com reported.

The $25 tax on every gun purchased in the county -- city law prohibits gun sales in Chicago -- is meant to offset health care and other costs of gun violence, Board President Toni Preckwinkle said.
"Gun violence is a real problem for us," she said. "It's a problem for us in our criminal justice system and it's a problem for us in our health care system, and I make no apologies for the proposal."
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Preckwinkle said the average shooting victim cost taxpayers $52,000 in acute care because nearly 70 percent of the victims don't have health insurance, NBCChicago.com reported.


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oh well

Residents will drive to Lake, Kane, Dupage, and Will counties for gun purchases (and pick up a carton of cigarettes on their way back home).

We experience the same thing in NJ with PA's state owned monopoly alcohol pricing model. PA booze buyers can be found at NJ liquor stores every day.

The down side is that owning a gun retailer in Cook County is becoming a failing proposition, it's best they relocate while they can.

It won't be the first business big government destroyed, and it won't be the last.

What did Scalia say about

What did Scalia say about this?

If Scalia said that it is up to the states to decide, he's just being consistent in his belief that the 14th amendment does not exist...

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